Audubon Photography Awards

Take a Peek Into Avian Family Life with These Cute Chick Pics
February 15, 2023 — Prepare to “oohh” and “aww” over our favorite shots featuring baby birds from the 2022 Audubon Photography Awards.
Sporting a spiky crest of caramel feathers, a brown female Hooded Merganser swims vigorously while proudly displaying a large, red crayfish she just plucked from the water below. Behind her, a large plume of water raises up behind her as she prepares to take off and escape the males, not pictured, that are after her meal.
Our Favorite Female Bird Shots From the 2022 Audubon Photography Awards
February 08, 2023 — Females steal the spotlight in these 12 arresting images.
Vibrant red, juicy berries clustered at the ends of brown branches frame an American Robin, a dark-colored bird with a ruddy breast. Poised to swallow, yellow bill spread open with the tip of the yellow tongue flicking upwards, the bird reaches for a single red berry that appears to hang in mid-air.
These Stellar Photos Show the Special Link Between Birds and Native Plants
February 01, 2023 — Enjoy some of our favorite entries for the Plants for Birds category of the 2022 Audubon Photography Awards
The 2022 Audubon Photography Awards: Top 12 Videos
January 25, 2023 — Check out this fantastic footage of birds in the wild, and discover the backstory behind each video.
The 2022 Audubon Photography Awards: Top 100
July 13, 2022 — Moments of delight and awe abound in this collection of standout bird photography. Scroll through and learn the story behind each shot.
Clockwise in a grid from top left: a Greater Prairie-Chicken portrait; two White-tailed Kites exchange a vole; a White-tailed Ptarmigan in a mountain landscape; a group of Northern Shovelers; two Common Ravens grooming; a Black­-bellied Whistling-­Duck looking inside a hollowed ­out palm.
The 2022 Audubon Photography Awards: Winners and Honorable Mentions
July 07, 2022 — A fledgling raptor learning to hunt. Grouse aiming to impress. Two grebes vying for a meal. This year’s winners caught amazing moments.
Check Out the Winners of the 2021 Audubon Photography Awards
May 03, 2022 — The finest images and videos from this year's contest provide a stunning glimpse into the lives of birds.
A Common Merganser parent stands on a rock with six small youngsters, looking at the photographer out of its periphery. The female’s cinnamon head and feather crest, and the pale ruddy heads of the still-downy chicks, pop in the glow of the morning light.
Make Some Time for These Adorable and Awkward Baby Bird Photos
March 03, 2022 — Here are 15 of our favorite shots featuring chicks from the 2021 Audubon Photography Awards.
A Curve-Billed Thrasher with a glowing yellow eye and curved black bill sits alert in center of the frame, surrounded by a green and white-spine covered cholla cactus.
These Delightful Photos Highlight How Native Plants Support Birds
February 11, 2022 — Appreciate some of the top submissions for the Plants for Birds category of the 2021 Audubon Photography Awards
Audubon Photo Contest Entry Platform Frequently Asked Questions
January 01, 2022 — Having trouble entering the competition or submitting photos? The answer to your question will likely be found here.