Audubon Takes the Administration to Court to Save America’s Arctic

By Natalie Dawson
August 26, 2020 — With our allies we will bring voices of opposition to protect vital bird habitat and one of our country’s last untouched places from oil and gas drilling.

Audubon is Going to Court to Save Fifty Years of Environmental Protection

By Nada Wolff Culver
August 11, 2020 — With a broad coalition, we will demonstrate the harm the Administration’s rollbacks will have on people and birds.
Audubon in Action

What Do Birds and Beef Have In Common?

By National Audubon Society
January 21, 2020 — Audubon’s Marshall Johnson is spreading the word on how your meat purchases can help grassland birds, one burger at a time.

Saving Colombia's Forests Is Crucial to Protect Prothonotary Warblers

By Andy McGlashen
June 19, 2019 — A new study shows that almost the entire population winters in a region with rampant deforestation—a finding that could help target conservation.

The Migratory Bird Treaty Act, Explained

By National Audubon Society
January 26, 2018 — Don’t know what the MBTA even is? Here’s your comprehensive guide to the Act—including why it's at risk.

Parrots Among Most-Threatened Bird Groups

By Erica Langston
February 23, 2016 — Polly doesn’t want a cracker, he wants a future.

Sitting Ducks: Why Millions of Arctic Seabirds Are in Danger

By Scott Weidensaul
December 31, 2015 — Oil spills, climate change, fishing, shipping routes—threats facing Arctic seabirds are vast, and hard to track.

The Nicaragua Canal: Still a Very Bad Plan

By Ben Goldfarb
October 08, 2015 — Construction of the canal, already delayed by more than a year, will harm the environment and the local community, according to a new environmental impact assessment.

As Sage-Grouse Decision Looms, West Holds Its Breath

By Tessa Stuart
September 03, 2015 — U.S. Fish and Wildlife will decide whether to list the bird by the end of September.

An MBTA for the 21st Century

By Frank Graham Jr.
July 07, 2015 — Audubon played a key role in stirring sentiment for bird protection a hundred years ago—and is now working to strengthen our premier avian conservation law.