Delaware River Watershed

Northern Harrier. Doug German/Audubon Photography Awards

A Policy Agenda to Protect the Birds of the Delaware River Watershed

— Audubon focuses on funding and bipartisan engagement for clean, reliable water for birds and people.
Saltmarsh Sparrow. Frank Lehman/Audubon Photography Awards

Advocates Attend Virtual “Hill Day” in Record Numbers to Champion Delaware River Watershed

— Audubon leaders and coalition partners brought local voices to Capitol Hill to support clean water legislation.
Golden-winged Warbler. Arni Stinnissen/Audubon Photography Awards

Bipartisan Delaware River Watershed Caucus Signals a Beacon of Opportunity

— The recently formed caucus shows substantial federal and state support of one of the founding rivers of America for birds and communities.
Brown-headed Nuthatch on a Longleaf Pine. Matt Tillet/Flickr (CC BY 2.0)

Delaware Governor Signs Invasive Plant Bill with Unanimous Support

— Legislation sets eyes on more bird-friendly, sustainable natural ecosystems across the state.
Peregrine Falcon in front of Philadelphia's city hall. George Armistead

It’s Time for Lights Out in Philadelphia

— Audubon and coalition partners seek to make the City of Brotherly Love bird-friendly.
Ruddy Duck. Claudio Contreras Koob

Delaware River Basin Commission Vote Shows Commitment to Clean, Reliable Water

— Audubon commends the regional agency for taking important steps to protect and manage water resources for birds and communities.
American Black Duck with downy young. JWiliszowski/iStock

Delaware River Watershed Sees Growing Congressional Support, Spelling Hope for Birds

— In the final days of 2020, Congress boosted funding for the crucial Delaware River Basin Restoration Program and critical regional conservation efforts.
Black-and-white Warbler. Brad James/Audubon Photography Awards

Philadelphia Sees Largest Mass Collision Event in the City in 70 Years

— Reflecting on the “gruesome and overwhelming” day, experts remain hopeful that the event will inspire action for bird-friendly communities.
Cerulean Warbler. Gary Robinette/Audubon Photography Awards

Audubon’s Delaware River Watershed Program Takes Flight with Key Conservation Funding

— U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service program supports bird conservation in three critical regions of the watershed.
Ruddy Duck Joseph Mahoney/Audubon Photography Awards

Audubon’s Delaware River Watershed Program Director Tapped to Shape Regional Watershed Plans and Climate Resiliency

— With appointments to two regional commissions, Audubon aims to influence conservation and policy to protect the birds and people of the watershed.