Drones and Bird Photography: Why It's Just Not Worth It

— You're not going to get the shot you want without putting birds at risk.
Atlantic Puffin entering burrow at Grimsey Island. Michael Milicia

To Photograph Nesting Puffins, Belly Crawl

— Getting up close to these birds can be thrilling, but you've got to be careful.
Baltimore Oriole and Rose-breasted Grosbeak. Melissa Groo

When It's Okay (or Not) to Feed Birds

— Providing food—for photography or simple enjoyment—can be a thorny issue. For guidance, ask yourself these three questions.

How (and How Not) to Photograph a Golden Eagle

— Goldens make for gorgeous subjects—if you follow these ethical guidelines.
Peter Mather photographed this Bald Eagle and eaglets from a trail along the Yukon River. Peter Mather

Five Rules for Photographing Bald Eagle Nests

— Everyone wants that shot of a Baldie with eaglets. Here’s how to get one without disturbing the birds.

How I Learned to Safely Photograph Beach-Nesting Birds

— Nesting shorebirds like Piping Plovers and Least Terns are sensitive and skittish. Here’s how to take better photos while respecting their space.
Eastern Bluebirds. Russell Niemi/Audubon Photography Awards

Why Baiting Owls Is Not the Same as Feeding Backyard Birds

— Some people question the difference between the two. There is a distinction—and the lives of birds depend on it.

Can’t Photographers and Birders Just Get Along?

— The rivalry needs to stop—for the good of the birds.

Why Closer Is Not Always Better When Photographing Birds

— The impulse to shoot your subject at close range can be powerful, but there are several reasons why that's not best for the animal—or the image.

Is Flash Photography Safe for Owls?

— Their big, round eyes make them alluring subjects, but impairing an owl's vision, even briefly, might have negative consequences.