Hitnes Runs into Herons in New Orleans

As the muralist continues around the southern United States, herons have been a constant.

Ever since Hitnes landed in the States this summer, intent on retracing the steps of John James Audubon, he's been spying Great Blue Herons and Little Blue Herons. So when he was in New Orleans this month, he decided to draw them. The spectular results are below. 

You can read the backstory on what the artist is doing in the States here, or catch up on some past murals here

While he was in New Orleans, he was also able to go birding at Bayou Sauvage, with some help from Lousiana Audubon members. Below you can watch him sketching the herons he ultimately painted, and the resulting murals are below. 

You can follow Hitnes live on Instagram and see more images at theimagehunter.org.

The Image Hunter / Herons from magicmindcorporation on Vimeo.