Greater and Lesser Yellowlegs migrate long distances.

Elevating Audubon’s Work to Save Birds and the Places They Need Across the Americas

By Audubon Americas
February 28, 2022 — Celebrating great achievements across the hemisphere in 2021.

Protecting Mangroves in Panama to Create a Better Climate Future

By Liz Guinessey
August 14, 2020 — A new project with the Panama Audubon Society combines science, policy, and community engagement.

The Man Who Plants Trees—In Kerala

By Becca Cudmore
October 21, 2015 — In India’s deep south, one man transforms an impossibly barren landscape into a fruitful rainforest where birds nest.

Britain's Birders Campaign to Legalize Cannabis

By Purbita Saha
March 01, 2015 — A grassroots group in the U.K. is supplying birds with seeds from a forbidden plant.