Greater and Lesser Yellowlegs migrate long distances.

Elevating Audubon’s Work to Save Birds and the Places They Need Across the Americas

— 2021 was a year of “migration” and growth for our international work. Take a look at some of the greatest achievements from our Audubon Americas team in 2021.
Western Sandpiper. Ronan Donovan/Audubon Photography Awards

Protecting Mangroves in Panama to Create a Better Climate Future

— A new project with the Panama Audubon Society combines science, policy, and community engagement.

The Man Who Plants Trees—In Kerala

— In India’s deep south, one man transforms an impossibly barren landscape into a fruitful rainforest where birds nest.
Growing cannabis plants in the United Kingdom may be illegal, but proponents have been lawfully strewing the plant's seeds on behalf of birds across the country, from nameless meadows to David Cameron's backyard. Antonio Romero/Science Source.

Britain's Birders Campaign to Legalize Cannabis

— A grassroots group in the U.K. is supplying birds with seeds from a forbidden plant.