Letter From the Editor

A Familiar Ring

— Even though the themes we explore don’t always change, through our reporting we can see forward movement.
Logs pile up on the ground next to the trees that were cut down in the middle of a forest.

Seeing the Birds for the Forest

— Magazines face unprecedented challenges just getting to press, but we have our eye on the long game.
Details of the Wood Thrush including a close up of the raw materials, center, used in the creation of the piece.

No Time Like the Present

— However quickly life seems to move, it’s worth slowing down and paying attention.

Making Discoveries and Connections in a Time of Migrations

— There’s much to celebrate, and still much we need to understand.

The Surprises We Find In Pursuit of Truth

— Our latest issue offers a reminder that, even when we think we know where stories are going, they often take us to unexpected places.

You Can Count on Us

— Dependability is the key to success—for birds and journalism.

Conservation Photography Is About More Than Pretty Pictures

— Even some photos that can’t be captured tell a powerful story.

Why Audubon Magazine Turned Its Spotlight to John James Audubon

— It's our job as journalists to ask tough questions, including about the life and legacy of the man behind our name.
Sarah Fitzpatrick watches a Florida Scrub-Jay in Jonathan Dickinson State Park near Jupiter, Florida. Carlton Ward Jr

Birds Help Bind Us to Our Roots, and to One Another

— Our winter issue illustrates how, in today’s topsy-turvy world, we would all benefit from stronger connections.
Australian researchers take COVID-19 precautions while preparing captive-bred Regent Honeyeaters for release into the wild. See our cover story for more on the race to save these critically endangered birds. Doug Gimesy

In a Tumultuous Year, Science and Steadfast Action Provide a Path Forward

— Our fall issue spotlights researchers and conservationists doing what it takes, in the face of overwhelming odds, to keep people and birds safe.