Letter From the Editor

Logs pile up on the ground next to the trees that were cut down in the middle of a forest.

Seeing the Birds for the Forest

— Magazines face unprecedented challenges just getting to press, but we have our eye on the long game.
Details of the Wood Thrush including a close up of the raw materials, center, used in the creation of the piece.

No Time Like the Present

— However quickly life seems to move, it’s worth slowing down and paying attention.

Making Discoveries and Connections in a Time of Migrations

— There’s much to celebrate, and still much we need to understand.

The Surprises We Find In Pursuit of Truth

— Our latest issue offers a reminder that, even when we think we know where stories are going, they often take us to unexpected places.

You Can Count on Us

— Dependability is the key to success—for birds and journalism.

Conservation Photography Is About More Than Pretty Pictures

— Even some photos that can’t be captured tell a powerful story.

Why Audubon Magazine Turned Its Spotlight to John James Audubon

— It's our job as journalists to ask tough questions, including about the life and legacy of the man behind our name.
Sarah Fitzpatrick watches a Florida Scrub-Jay in Jonathan Dickinson State Park near Jupiter, Florida. Carlton Ward Jr

Birds Help Bind Us to Our Roots, and to One Another

— Our winter issue illustrates how, in today’s topsy-turvy world, we would all benefit from stronger connections.
Australian researchers take COVID-19 precautions while preparing captive-bred Regent Honeyeaters for release into the wild. See our cover story for more on the race to save these critically endangered birds. Doug Gimesy

In a Tumultuous Year, Science and Steadfast Action Provide a Path Forward

— Our fall issue spotlights researchers and conservationists doing what it takes, in the face of overwhelming odds, to keep people and birds safe.

The Surreal Challenge of Making a Magazine During an Unthinkable Spring

— Creating our summer issue meant balancing the desire for escape with a deeper need to face the moment.