Renewable Energy

National Audubon Society Sues California County to Improve Bird Protections in Controversial Wind Energy Project

— “Altamont Pass has been a black eye on the entire wind industry since its construction.”

Infrastructure Bill Provides Important Environmental Provisions, But Leaves More Work To Do

— We will continue to work with Congress to strive for environmental justice and a zero-carbon future, filling in the gaps left by this important first step.

The Bipartisan Infrastructure Framework Represents a Meaningful Step Toward a Cleaner Future for Birds and People

— While funding levels for some programs are insufficient, the framework is a 'down payment' on future clean energy and resilience investments.

Electric Utilities, Long Anchored by Coal, Are Starting to Break for Renewables

— Renewable electricity will save money in the long run. But that’s tough logic for utilities desperate to earn every penny from their fossil-fuel investments.