Saline Lakes News

Stop calling the Salton Sea an accident

— It doesn't help solve the ongoing problems in the region, and it's also not true.

Knowledge is Power - Improving Understanding of Utah’s Water Supply and Demand

— Advancing efforts to increase secondary water metering in 2019.

Great Salt Lake's Greatest Source of Water

— The Ogden-Standard Examiner's look at Utah's Bear River.
Gillmor Sanctuary Unit 4 Looking West Summer 2018. Shallowly flooded mudflats at Gillmor Sanctuary. Ella Sorensen/Audubon

The Tale of Gillmor Sanctuary

— Protecting critically important shorebird habitat at Great Salt Lake
North American Beaver. North American Beaver. Tim Lumley/Flickr (CC BY-NC-ND 2.0)

Beavers to the Rescue

— Beavers play a role in maintaining wetlands, helping birds and other wildlife

Shallow Waters: Great Salt Lake by Airboat

— As Audubon continues work toward its goal of conserving the vitality of the lake, the birds will be our guide
Sunset over drying lakebed of Great Salt Lake. Sunset at Great Salt Lake Photo: K. Lofgren/Inhabitat

Collaborating on Great Salt Lake

— Stakeholders find common ground on issues of mutual concern
Lark Sparrow In A Cottonwood Tree. Lark Sparrow David Druker

May is for the Birds

— Celebrating May as Month of the Bird in Utah during 2018 Year of the Bird

Important Bird Areas are Important to All

— Protecting habitat is not only for birds and wildlife, but for all life.
Snow and Ross's Geese congregate at the Great Salt Lake. Snow and Ross's Geese congregate at the Great Salt Lake. Photo: <a href="" target="_blank">Bryant Olsen</a>/Flickr CC (CC BY-NC 2.0)

The Songs of Great Salt Lake

— If the marshes and mudflats of Great Salt Lake could transform into music, how would it sound?