Paul Greenberg is author of the New York Times bestseller Four Fish: The Future of the Last Wild Food and American Catch: The Fight for Our Local Seafood.

Articles by Paul Greenberg


Sheltering in Place in Manhattan—With 18 American Chestnut Saplings

By Paul Greenberg
May 21, 2020 — Disease and logging nearly wiped out the towering trees in the early 20th century. Now the pandemic endangers a one-man operation trying to help the species endure.

How Much Should Major Polluters Pay? A DuPont Settlement Provides a Model

By Paul Greenberg
August 16, 2017 — A biologist traced mercury from a company spill to contamination in songbirds, and devised a new way to hold polluters financially accountable.

Birding Brought Them Together

By Paul Greenberg
May 14, 2014 — A son and his difficult mother found common ground outdoors.