Black Birders Week 2023

The kickoff to summer in the Northern Hemisphere also brings the fourth annual #BlackBirdersWeek from Sunday, May 28 to Saturday, June 3, organized by The BlackAFInSTEM Collective – a collective that “seeks to support, uplift, and amplify Black Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics professionals in natural resources and the environment through professional development, career connection, and community engagement.” According to the organizers, this year they will “reflect on our past, honor our present, and spread our wings to look toward to the future.”  

The National Audubon Society is proud to support #BlackBirdersWeek2023. Audubon encourages its network and birders everywhere to support the trailblazing work of the @BlackAFInSTEM Collective, uplift Black professionals and voices shared via the hashtags #BlackBirdersWeek and #BlackBirdersWeek2023, and learn more about the Black experience in STEM, the outdoors, and the birding community.

Follow along, share, and engage with content the daily themes outlined in the official flyer. To support the organizers and the movement, follow the handles and websites below:

Twitter: @BlackAFInSTEM
Instagram: @BlackAFInSTEM
Facebook: @BlackAFInSTEM

Black-led organizations to consider supporting during the week and beyond:

We recognize that we have a responsibility to address systemic racism within our own organization – including the racist history of our namesake – and the broader environmental movement. Black individuals and the Black community must be respected, honored and valued within our own house and in the birding community. This requires a culture shift within the Audubon community well beyond this week. We are committed to building a workplace environment that is respectful and kind and where Black, Indigenous, people of color, women and everyone across the gender spectrum are respected.


Field Notes

It's Time to Build a Truly Inclusive Outdoors

As the nation continues to confront racism, the birding community must embrace difficult conversations.

Climate Advocates Want to See a More Just Transition Away from Fossil Fuels

While the Inflation Reduction Act promises to inject billions of dollars into frontline communities, environmental justice leaders are concerned about the bill’s support for pollution-producing energy sources.

‘Black Women Who Bird’ Take the Spotlight to Make Their Presence Known

As part of Black Birders Week, women are sharing their love of the outdoors and the challenges they face in them.

Vanessa Miot Turns to South Florida Parks in Pursuit of Bird Photography

While zooming in on South Florida's bird diversity, Miot connects her children with the natural world.

Teresa Baker, Activist and Hiker, on Why Kids Are the Future of Our Public Lands

Instagram feeds and internships are encouraging young people of color to join the environmental movement. But we can do more.

Meet the Harvard Ornithology Professor Biking Across the Country

With school out due to COVID-19, Scott Edwards decided to make a lifelong dream a reality. Now his ride has taken on even more meaning.

Journey Complete, Scott Edwards Looks Back On His Cross-Country Bicycling Trip

After 76 days on the road, the Harvard ornithology professor shares highs—and lows—from his epic trek while relaxing at a seaside hotel.

Getting to Know Jerome Ford, the Government’s Top Bird Official

The head of the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service's Migratory Bird Program talks with Audubon about changes in the birding world.

The National Parks Have a Diversity Problem. This Couple Has Been Working for 20 Years to Fix It.

Audrey and Frank Peterman want any and everyone to get outside and get involved in the environmental movement.

Meet Charles Young, the First Black National Park Superintendent

A military leader and conservationist, Young made history at a time when the achievements of Black Americans were often erased from the record.

Harriet Tubman, an Unsung Naturalist, Used Owl Calls as a Signal on the Underground Railroad

The famed conductor traveled at night, employing deep knowledge of the region's environment and wildlife to communicate, navigate, and survive.

Stuck in Vermont: Birding With Debbie Archer of Audubon Vermont During Black Birders Week

A Seven Days Video production by Eva Sollberger

Young Birder from Georgia

When many organizations come together to support young birders amazing things can happen.

A Conversation with Derrick Jackson for #BlackBirdersWeek

The Hog Island instructor, photographer, and journalist shares his experience as a Black birder working with puffins.

Conservation Leadership Initiative Alum Reflects on Future Career in Environmental Movement

An essay from a CLI alum.