As an Outreach Biologist, Chad Witko serves as a liaison on behalf of the National Audubon Society in the area of migratory bird science. Contacting and collaborating with researchers and data-holders across the Western Hemisphere, Chad works to secure spatial data and build relationships central to the success of the Migratory Bird Initiative. He also writes summaries, species accounts, and other communication pieces for outreach around the topic of migratory birds.

Residing in Vermont, Chad brings over fifteen years of avian field experience to the Migratory Bird Initiative. As a lifelong birder and Regional Reviewer for eBird, he is extremely interested in the spatial distribution of birds and patterns of vagrancy. Prior to joining Audubon in 2019, Chad has worked on a variety of research, conservation, and education projects across the United States. These include developing avian conservation strategies linked to forestry efforts in New Hampshire, mist-netting and banding migratory passerines in California, and educating visitors to Eastern Egg Rock about seabird restoration efforts for Project Puffin. Chad holds a BS in Environmental and Forest Biology from SUNY-ESF and an MS in Conservation Biology as well as a Certificate in Applied Spatial Analysis for GIS from Antioch University New England.

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