Migratory Bird Initiative

A Virtual Wild Goose Chase Like No Other

— A leader of Audubon's Migratory Bird Initiative details her incredible chance encounter with one unlucky goose's GPS tracker.

BirdLife International Takes A Global Approach to Conservation

— This wide-ranging partnership of more than 100 conservation groups protects birds across our borders.

The Bird Genoscape Project Uses Genetic Variation to Inform Conservation

— Researchers use feathers and blood samples to better understand how migratory birds are connected across their ranges.

Wandering Spoonbills Tell Us What We Need to Protect the Everglades

— Jerry Lorenz of Audubon Florida tracked this species to shed light on how the iconic "River of Grass" is changing, for better or worse.

EPA Restores Clean Water Act Protections for Important Wetlands along Mississippi River

— By blocking the destructive and ineffective Yazoo Pumps project, the EPA can protect bird habitat while also supporting alternative flood control measures for the region.
Gray Catbird.

How Gray Catbirds and Yellow-breasted Chats Help Bridge Cultural Barriers

— In order to learn more about the migration of Yellow-breasted Chats and Gray Catbirds that breed in Canada's Okanagan Valley, Kristen Mancuso forged connections with multiple First Nation communities.

The Connecticut Warbler Connects Threatened Forest Habitat on Two Different Continents

— New migration research suggests that supporting Indigenous-led Boreal Forest stewardship in Canada as well as local conservation efforts in Latin America will be key to protecting one of our most elusive songbirds.

Audubon Spotlight: Erika Knight Charted Her Path One Precise Step at a Time

— How the GIS expert and data analyst turned a passion for maps and the outdoors into a career in conservation.
Lotem Taylor during a hike through Glacier National Park in 2017. Moriah Taylor

Audubon Spotlight: Lotem Taylor is Everywhere in Audubon

— For a GIS and data analyst for Audubon’s Migratory Bird Initiative and Science team, placing yourself in context with your surroundings is what makes mapping so powerful.
Ruby-throated Hummingbirds rapidly double their body weight in fat as they prepare for migration. Barry Jerald Jr./Audubon Photography Awards

Five Incredible Ways Birds Change Their Bodies for Spring and Fall Migration

— To power perilous journeys, birds undergo extreme feats like doubling their body weight and rearranging or even consuming their internal organs.