Migratory Bird Initiative

Tracking Data Show Us One of North America's Most Epic Migrations
May 10, 2024 — Advancements in technology help conservationists protect Sandhill Cranes along their awe-inspiring journey.
This World Migratory Bird Day Grow Some Plants for Birds
May 09, 2024 — Native plants provide food and shelter that sustain birds during their epic migrations.
UN Report Finds Many Migratory Species in Existential Peril
March 14, 2024 — A majority of the migratory wildlife species at risk in first report of its kind are birds.
Science to Help Birds and Reduce Costs in the Colorado River Delta
January 22, 2024 — A new publication uses machine learning to optimize habitat restoration.
The Way Phainopeplas Breed and Migrate May Help Them Adapt to A Changing Climate
January 11, 2024 — Using tracking devices, Dan Baldassarre revealed key aspects of the "goth cardinal's" fascinating behavior.
How the Breeding Season Teaches Us More About Migratory Birds
August 23, 2023 — During the brief windows when migratory birds are busy breeding and relatively stationary, migration researchers leap into action to unravel the mysteries of their journeys.
A vibrant orange warbler with black streaks perches on a branch and sings.
Audubon Determines Method for Choosing the Best Places for Bird Conservation Efforts 
June 23, 2023 — A new study proposes a conservation methodology that incorporates factors such as habitat type, migratory routes, and interest and capacity from local communities.
Meet the Stragglers of Spring Migration
June 12, 2023 — There are a few bird species that are still finishing their spring migration. Use the Bird Migration Explorer to learn more about these tardy travelers.
Aerial Odysseys: Bird Migration in the Americas
September 15, 2022 — Every spring and fall, billions of migratory birds make journeys that test the limits of their endurance and present myriad challenges.
Birds Tell Us About Migration
September 15, 2022 — The new tracking station at Corkscrew Swamp Sanctuary is contributing to a nationwide network.