Maddie Burakoff

Associate Editor, Audubon Magazine

Articles by Maddie Burakoff

A Eurasian Eagle-Owl sits on a tree branch looking off to his right, with a squirrel on the branch behind him.
City Life is Hard for Raptors. Can Removing Rat Poison Make it Easier?
June 06, 2024 — Birds of prey have long been casualties in the war on rodents. In the wake of celebrity bird deaths, advocates are pushing for us to be better neighbors.
A calling loon is silhouetted against rippling water reflecting the golden light of sunset.
How the Common Loon's Eerie Call Took Over Pop Music
April 23, 2024 — The beloved bird has wailed its way through decades of hits. It’s time we give the species its royalties.
The sun is just above the horizon, and it casts light across a field with purple blooms in the foreground
7 Destinations For Viewing Spectacular Wildflower Blooms
March 25, 2024 — Catch the bonanza of color unfurling in mountain meadows, lush forests, and desert dunes across the United States—and see some birds, too.
Portrait of Amy Tan sitting on a stone wall in a garden.
In Amy Tan's Newest Book, the Drama Is All About the Birds
March 22, 2024 — The acclaimed novelist recently started exploring a world of avian characters through nature journaling. The result is a work of art.
A flock of birds flies across a red sky with a crescent-shaped sun.
A Total Solar Eclipse Is Coming. How Will Birds and Other Wildlife React?
March 15, 2024 — When the moon covers the sun, animals get weird. April’s eclipse gives scientists—and you—a chance to learn more about their responses. Here's how and where you can take part.
A Black-throated Blue Warbler stands on a branch looking at the camera in front of an out-of-focus green background.
As Spring Shifts Earlier, Many Migrating Birds Are Struggling to Keep Up
March 07, 2024 — With the climate warming, leaves and blooms are popping out ahead of schedule. A wide-ranging new study shows why this trend is troubling for a variety of bird species.
Two doves stand on a rock gently preening each others necks against a green out-of-focus background.
10 Fun Facts About the Mourning Dove
March 04, 2024 — Wing whistlers, chaotic nesters, and ... milk drinkers? These birds may be common, but they’re anything but boring.