Marshall Johnson is Audubon's Chief Conservation Officer. Marshall joined Audubon 12 years ago, starting as a climate field organizer for the D.C. policy team. Since 2012, Marshall has served as Vice-President, Executive Director of Audubon Dakota and has thrived in building a mission-moored, highly impactful team and state program. Through his leadership, Audubon Dakota has raised and leveraged more than $50M from individuals, partners, foundation, and agency funders.  Beginning in 2018, the Audubon Dakota team under his leadership raised their sights and ambition, spearheading the development and launch of the Northern Great Plains Grasslands strategy, which has conserved nearly 500,000 acres across the Dakotas, enrolling over 300 farmers, ranchers and communities within its programs. Marshall has also served as Vice-President for Audubon’s Conservation Ranching Initiative, now America’s largest regenerative, bird-friendly land certification, with endless promise of bringing grassland birds back, while serving as a critical natural climate solution across North America's fragile grasslands.

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