Frequent Audubon contributor Peter Friederici teaches journalism at Northern Arizona University.

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Star Trek: How Birds Use Electromagnetic Cues to Travel

By Peter Friederici
March 01, 2015 — The quest to understand how birds manage nocturnal navigation has consumed scientists for decades. The effects of “electrosmog” may now point to an answer.

Southwestern Farmers Share Their Water with Endangered Birds

By Peter Friederici
December 02, 2013 — In the West, as the saying goes, whiskey is for drinking and water is for fighting. So why on earth did New Mexicans--during a severe drought, no less--decide to give precious drops to southwestern willow flycatchers?

Housing Development Could Threaten Arizona’s San Pedro River

By Peter Friederici
July 12, 2012 — Development could pull water from a critical migratory bird stopover site.

Is DDT Here to Stay?

By Peter Friederici
May 14, 2012 — Thanks to Rachel Carson’s crusade, DDT was banned and birds are rebounding. If only it were that simple. 

The Science of Feathers

By Peter Friederici
November 20, 2011 — A bird's plumage is both mystifying and magnificent, and serves a plethora of purposes, from protecting it from the cold to attracting a mate. 

How a Flock of Birds Can Fly and Move Together

By Peter Friederici
November 16, 2011 — Winging at speeds of up to 40 miles per hour, an entire flock of birds can make hairpin turns in an instant. How do they do it? A group of investigators is closer than ever to finding out.

Pecking Order

By Peter Friederici
September 09, 2011 — Bird beaks are more than nature's ingenious designs. They're wonders of evolution, barometers of how species react to—and sometimes even instigate—changes in their environment.