Scientists Make a Sweet Discovery on a West African Cocoa Farm

— Molting Wood Warblers studied on farmland in Cameroon suggest cocoa operations can provide great bird habitat if nearby trees are left standing.

The Surprising Reason Scientists Haven't Been Able to Clone a Bird Yet

— Thanks to their eggs, avians are tremendously difficult to clone. But new technologies may provide a workaround for saving at-risk species.

Birds May Hold Clues to the 'Bizarre' Life Cycle of Brood X Cicadas

— Billions of cicadas will emerge in the eastern United States this spring, presenting a once-in-a-17-year opportunity for scientists to understand how they shape populations of birds and other species.

Ducks in the Southern U.S. Have Shifted Northward Due to Temperature Changes Attributed to Climate Change

— A new study shows patterns uncovered by community scientists over 50 years have repercussions for both wildlife and people

What a Songbird Lost at Sea Taught Me About Survival

— Aboard a mission to explore the alien life of the deep ocean, a chance encounter with a migratory bird offered a point of connection—one that has felt poignant this past year.  

False Scents Can Trick Predators Into Ignoring Nesting Shorebirds

— A new study finds that habituating hungry mammals to certain appetizing smells makes them far less likely to invade nests.

A Year of the Pandemic: How Have Birds and Other Wildlife Responded?

— The slowdown in human activity—a period scientists are calling the “anthropause”—was a mixed bag for animals.

Lost Birds Rely on Earth's Magnetic Field to Get Back on Track

— A new study suggests that migratory birds have a kind of built-in GPS that helps them navigate the world, even when they’re far from home.

Rare Yellow Penguin Bewilders Scientists

— After photos of the striking King Penguin went viral in recent weeks, experts have been searching for answers.

How Climate Change Pushes Even the Hardiest Desert Birds Past Their Limit

— The Mojave Desert is heating up and drying out so rapidly that birds can't drink enough water to stay cool. The result is population "collapse."