Zach Slavin is a Program Manager in Audubon’s Citizen Science division as well as a board member of his local chapter, the Audubon Society of the District of Columbia.

Articles by Zach Slavin


Six Apps to Better Your Next Birding Adventure

By Zach Slavin
August 30, 2017 — By now you should have a field guide (or four) on your phone, so mix up your experience with some new options.
Native Plants

Grow These Native Plants So Your Backyard Birds Can Feast

By Zach Slavin
February 10, 2017 — Native plants beat even the best bird feeder. Here’s what to put in your garden to transform it into a year-round wonderland.

Insider Tips For The Audubon Bird Guide: North America App

By Zach Slavin
October 01, 2015 — Make the most of your app with these tips and tricks.