Ways That You Can Get Involved this Earth Day

Small actions you can take to help birds and help the planet.
Earth Day Community Habitat Restoration event at Audubon's Debs Park, California. Foto: Harrison Hill

Birds need our help. Here's what you can do.

Climate change is affecting birds and the places they need to survive. In fact, two-thirds of North American bird species could face extinction due to our warming planet, and more than 500 bird species are at risk of extinction across Latin America and the Caribbean. On Earth Day and throughout the year, Audubon advocates for a more sustainable future with climate solutions that address biodiversity loss and accelerate the transition to responsibly sited clean energy.

Do you want to act on climate but aren't sure exactly how? Take the pledge to protect birds and our planet and check out the many ways to get involved and make a difference.

Explore impacts of climate change near you

Enter your 5-digit zip code or state to use Audubon's Birds and Climate Visualizer to explore the impacts of climate change predicted for your area, and how birds near you will be affected. Privacy Policy

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