Audubon MagazineMarch-April 2010

Climate-Threatened Birds

Rufous Hummingbirds Turning Up in Unusual Places

Is climate change the reason, or are birders just paying closer attention?

Phony Wildlife Photography Gives a Warped View of Nature

The dark side of those wondrous wildlife photographs.


By By Jane Braxton Little
September 06, 2011 — An hour from the smog and concrete of Los Angeles, a quarter-million-acre oasis, bursting with rare and unusual species, is waiting to be discovered.

March Magic

By Ted O’Callahan
September 06, 2011 — A spring trip to Nebraska combines the subtle beauty of the sandhills with the drama of courting prairie-chickens and the spectacle of cranes by the thousands.

Crude Awakening

By Barry Yeoman
August 26, 2011 — Right here in North America could lie the answer to our energy needs. But at what cost? Mining the tar sands of Alberta threatens to strip the world’s largest intact forest of its ability to hold carbon and to wipe out the breeding

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