November-December 2009 issue

Dead Whales Make for an Underwater Feast
Dead Whales Make for an Underwater Feast

When whales decay the seafloor, their enormous carcasses give life to mysterious worlds inhabited by an assortment of bizarre creatures.

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Doggone: Prairie Dogs Face a New and Deadly Threat
February 17, 2012 — Prairie dogs have been eliminated from more than 95 percent of their grassland habitat. And now they, and the vast and complicated ecosystems they sustain, face a new and deadly threat.
Buying Time
September 08, 2011 — For bobolinks, savannah sparrows, and other birds that make their nests in hayfields, a delayed harvest can spell the difference between life and death. 
Beauty Contest
September 08, 2011 — A new book presents a pure vision of birds, in glorious color and exquisite detail.
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