Audubon MagazineMarch-April 2014

Illustrated Aviary


Artist David Plunker relies on patterns and visual storytelling from the original to inspire his own creation.

Audubon View: From Barrow to Baja

Saving seabirds along the length of the Pacific Flyway.

Flames at Our Heels

By Alan Kesselheim
April 02, 2014 — A hiker’s harrowing experience changes the whole meaning of a walk in the woods.

Birds Through a Spotting Scope

By Carol E. Richards
April 02, 2014 — A photographer captures the philosophical side of the birds around her.

Europe's Northern Bald Ibis Flies Again

By Daisy Yuhas
March 31, 2014 — Back from the brink, these resurrection birds still face threats.

Birding Groups Join Forces to Protect a Hummingbird Hotspot

By Tim McDonnell
March 27, 2014 — Tucson Audubon and the American Bird Conservancy keep Paton's birder haven safe.

The Emu Has Landed (in India)

By John Upton
March 17, 2014 — Thousands of miles from its Australian home, vast numbers of not-terribly-tasty bird are left in the lurch, victims of a subcontinental swindle.

Africa's Social Weaverbirds Take Communal Living to a Whole New Level

By Bernd Heinrich
March 13, 2014 — These birds make huge nests in South African deserts to survive boiling summer days and freezing nights.

Mining Minnesota’s Canoe Country

By Greg Breining
March 06, 2014 — A project could poison one of North America's most important watersheds for years.

A Journey to Alaska’s Tongass, Where Our Last Old-Growth Temperate Forest Meets the Sea

By Jeff Fair
February 27, 2014 — The 17-million-acre Tongass National Forest sustains both the wildlife within it and the rich ecosystem along its shores. So why would anyone want to clear-cut this place?

With So Many Snowies to Study, Scientists Are Discovering How Little We Know About This Bird

By Scott Weidensaul
February 09, 2014 — After a banner year for Arctic rodents, the greatest snowy owl explosion in half a century has descended on the eastern United States—and it’s teaching us about these nomads from the north. 

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