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Audubon View

Transforming an auto impound yard into a haven for birds.

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Growing Healthy Yards For Birds
August 13, 2013 — An Epcot garden teaches visitors about bird-friendly yards.
Swallows Evolve for Life Near the Road
August 13, 2013 — Sleeker wings help Nebraska swallows avoid deadly traffic.
Swift Approach
August 13, 2013 — Huge crowds flock to a Portland school to watch thousands of Vaux’s swifts funnel into a makeshift roost.
Birds May Help Forests Stay Cool
August 08, 2013 — Missing birds may mean warmer forests for Guam.
Old Faithful Reveals New Secrets
August 08, 2013 — A hidden chamber below the geyser may drive its iconic eruptions.
Prairie Tales
August 06, 2013 — An Audubon educator connects kids and prairie dogs. 
Pelican Conservation Goes High Tech
August 05, 2013 — Tracking pelicans from Minnesota marshes to the Gulf of Mexico. 
Birds, Unleaded
August 05, 2013 — Audubon groups in Maine and California wage a battle against deadly lead.
Reimagining the Great Egret
July 31, 2013 — Olaf Hajek kicks off the series with a little lesson in art history.
Clowning Around
July 30, 2013 — A clownfish “dance” keeps anemones healthy. 
Repurposing Waste to Create Art
July 29, 2013 — An Arizona artist makes everything from clothes to sculptures from recycled materials.
Wine or Wildlife?
July 22, 2013 — As the world warms, vineyards could move into wildlife habitat.
Bees Get a Buzz from Caffeine
July 16, 2013 — Caffeine-laced nectar improves pollinators' memory.
Biofuel from Stomach Bugs
July 16, 2013 — Researchers are transforming gut microbes into biodiesel-making factories.
Safer Waters for Sharks
July 12, 2013 — Masters of the underwater universe for millions of years, the much-persecuted shark may finally have a fighting chance thanks to friends in surprising places.
Stemming the Tide of Shorebird Losses
July 11, 2013 — With migrations that can span thousands of miles, Pacific shorebirds are among nature’s most amazing aerialists. But without crucial stopover habitat along their way, they could be doomed.
Saving North America’s Tallest Bird
July 09, 2013 — Whooping crane recovery is one of conservation’s great successes, but suddenly there are new and frightening threats.
8 Great Summer Birding Trails
July 09, 2013 — Audubon’s guide to unforgettable trips that wend through charming towns and rural outposts while also connecting the dots between many Important Bird Areas.
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