Choosing a Plan to Save the Greater Sage-Grouse

April 09, 2024 — Tell the Bureau of Land Management to preserve Greater Sage-Grouse habitat

U.S. House Passes Legislation Supporting Migratory Birds Across the Hemisphere

April 08, 2024 — The Migratory Birds of the Americas Conservation Enhancements Act now must pass the Senate.

Conservation and Climate Provisions Prioritized in Biden Administration’s Annual Budget Request

April 02, 2024 — The FY25 request to Congress is not binding, but indicates a commitment to efforts that benefit birds.

Endangered Species Act Rules Prioritize Science in Conserving Vulnerable Species

March 28, 2024 — Newly-announced changes restore protections that were stripped away during the Trump Administration.

Saline Lakes Are Dying—Scientists Hope This Unusual Shorebird Can Help Save Them

March 26, 2024 — An international team of researchers is conducting fieldwork from Canada to Argentina to help tell the story of the Wilson’s Phalarope, a species in peril whose essential habitats across the hemisphere are at risk from overuse and drought.

Legislation establishing a global conservation fund moves forward in House

March 26, 2024 — The United States Foundation for International Conservation would help address the biodiversity crisis around the world

Conservationists Urge Caution as the Federal Government Promotes Fish Farming

March 22, 2024 — Aquaculture comes in many forms and can be done sustainably, but a push for more offshore operations raises concerns, environmentalists say.
A woman is climbing up a crack in an otherwise solid red mountain, off in the distance are mesas and valleys in various shades red and rust.

Rock Climbers Rise to the Occasion to Protect Cliff-Nesting Raptors

March 22, 2024 — In Bears Ears National Monument and climbing areas around the country, adventurers are working with scientists and educating their peers to prevent harm to the majestic birds whose habitat they share.

Conservation Groups Retool Their Missions to Address the Affordable Housing Crisis

March 22, 2024 — Protecting green space can drive up local property costs, so land trusts are forming new partnerships to create homes for people and wildlife.

What the Latest Annual Funding Means for Birds

March 14, 2024 — A package of FY24 funding legislation contains some benefits, but also some disappointments, for bird conservation.