Congress Is Set to Remove a Longstanding Barrier to Listing Greater Sage-Grouse Under the Endangered Species Act

— For years, an obscure budget provision has blocked the federal government from protecting the fast-declining birds. That may be about to change.

Sure, He's Retired, but This Conservation Legend Isn't Slowing Down

— Carrol Henderson rescued Minnesota's Peregrine Falcons and Trumpeter Swans. Can he save this heron rookery before it's too late?

Biden Administration to Restore Protections For Alaska’s Tongass National Forest

— USDA announces a new strategy to protect old-growth trees that are important to local communities, birds, and the planet.

How to Catch a Rat

— In 2019 a Mexican island that harbors 95 percent of the world’s Black-vented Shearwaters received an unwanted vermin visitor. To nab the interloper, Isla Natividad’s human inhabitants had to get creative.

The Quest for 'Lost' Birds Delivers Highs and Lows

— Thousands of species exist in a liminal space of conservation—they haven't been seen in a long time, but that doesn't mean they are extinct. Groups hope to crowdsource more rediscoveries.

The Violent Cost of Conservation

— Each year more people die while attempting to protect the world’s most biodiverse places. It’s a trend poised to devastate the planet itself. How can we stem the rising tide of attacks to ensure a safer future for us all?

Is the Attwater's Prairie-Chicken Starting to Make a Comeback?

— The endangered subspecies has been in trouble for two decades, but recent data suggests the bird's population is booming in the wild.

Biden's Silence on Minnesota Oil Pipeline Frustrates Advocates

— Line 3, a comparable project to the canceled Keystone XL pipeline, runs counter to the president's stated climate and environmental goals.

Meet Nish and Nellie, Ohio's First Nesting Piping Plovers In 83 Years

— With a full clutch of four eggs, the pair are yet another sign of the endangered species' rebound in the Great Lakes region.

Inside the Growing Movement to Make Ecocide an International Crime

— Lawyers will take a major step this month toward putting environmental destruction on the same level as war crimes and genocide.