A Eurasian Eagle-Owl sits on a tree branch looking off to his right, with a squirrel on the branch behind him.
City Life is Hard for Raptors. Can Removing Rat Poison Make it Easier?
June 06, 2024 — Birds of prey have long been casualties in the war on rodents. In the wake of celebrity bird deaths, advocates are pushing for us to be better neighbors.
A flock of Tricolored Blackbirds alight in a field of tall plants.
Tricolored Blackbirds Once Faced Extinction—Here's What's Behind Their Exciting Comeback
May 30, 2024 — For a decade Audubon California and partners have worked with farmers to delay harvests where the birds nest, solving what was once the biggest threat to the species.
A Golden Eagle standing on a frozen river looks back over its shoulder at the camera.
The East Has Its Own Golden Eagles, and Advocates Say They Need Help
May 16, 2024 — Though apparently stable, the eastern population faces evolving threats, experts say. One group is asking the federal government to list the birds as threatened.
Prairie-to-Plate Philosophy Drives Bird-Friendly Management at North Dakota’s Paul Ranch
May 16, 2024 — David and Denver Paul launch Wild Prairie Beef business from Audubon Certified lands
A loon sits among plants at the edge of a pond.
Heavy Downpours Are a Growing Threat to Common Loons
May 15, 2024 — Last summer’s record rainfall flooded nests across the Northeast, an increasingly common hazard that is hampering loon reproduction. Protecting healthy habitat and providing artificial nest rafts can help, researchers say.
An Osprey in flight against a blue sky holding a fish in its talon.
Researchers Sound the Alarm Over the Chesapeake Bay’s Ospreys
May 13, 2024 — In the world’s largest population of the fish-eating raptors, reproductive rates have fallen below DDT-era lows. Scientists say overfishing by one company is to blame.
A camouflaged whip-poor-will sits on the ground among brown and green leaves.
As the Whip-poor-will’s Chant Wanes, Our Cultural Loss Grows
May 06, 2024 — The iconic call of the Eastern Whip-poor-will has long been part of the fabric of American life, marking annual spring rituals and inspiring odes in popular music. What happens when we lose our connection with its meaning?
A Very Busy Earth Month Yields Big Wins for Birds
April 30, 2024 — Audubon members and allies played a big role in policy gains for wildlife conservation.
Legislation Supporting Migratory Birds Across the Hemisphere Signed Into Law
April 25, 2024 — The Migratory Birds of the Americas Conservation Enhancements Act renews and enhances a critical conservation program.
Audubon Praises Senate for Protecting 290,000 Coastal Acres and Bird Habitat from Storms and Rising Sea Levels
April 19, 2024 — The Coastal Barrier Resources Act would provide protections along the Atlantic and Gulf coasts.