The Migratory Birds of the Americas Conservation Enhancements Act is Introduced in the House

— House bill will address urgent conservation needs for migratory birds in the United States, Latin America, and the Caribbean.
A man standing on the sidewalk takes a picture of dead fish floating at the top of a lake, the city in the distance.

Deadly Algal Bloom Could Cause Food Shortage for Bay Area Migrating Waterbirds

— A massive fish die-off this August at San Francisco Bay's Lake Merritt, a vital avian stopover site, has experts concerned for fall migrants.

Vermont's Birders and Landowners Are Joining Forces to Contribute to Science

— A new state-wide program recruits volunteers to survey breeding birds that would otherwise go uncounted.

It’s the Moment of Truth for Saving the Northern Spotted Owl

— Preventing the Pacific Northwest icon’s extinction calls for aggressive intervention, including killing another owl species. Will we act fast enough?
A group of nine people stand in front of a small wooden building surrounded by forest on a sunny day.

Who Runs the Forest? Increasingly, in the Southeast, It’s Women

— New groups are cultivating communities of women who manage their trees with economic and ecosystem sustainability in mind.
A small path cuts by a small library of books in a green, quiet meadow.

These Native Meadows in Motown Aim to Boost Birdlife and Neighbors’ Well-Being

— Detroit Bird City breathes new life into dormant parks, creating havens for residents and avian visitors.

From Ground to Orbit, Space Industry’s Lift-Off Sparks Environmental Concerns

— As more rockets take flight, how will we protect life at home?
 An aerial view, looking straight down, of bleached white cedars that are dead from flooding.

How New Jersey Plans to Relocate Flooded ‘Ghost Forests’ Inland

— A $20 million cedar restoration project in the state’s Pine Barrens shows how people can help vanishing habitats outpace sea-level rise.

The Senate Climate Deal Promises a Safer Future for Birds—If It Passes

— Experts and advocates are optimistic, for the first time in ages, about what would be the biggest-ever U.S. investment in climate action.

This Tiny Desert Raptor Could Soon Regain Federal Protection

— But with developers and state wildlife managers opposed to a threatened listing even as its habitat disappears, the Cactus Ferruginous Pygmy-Owl faces an uncertain future.