To Raise Awareness, Some Colombian Birders Won’t Participate in Global Big Day

— Amid social unrest and widespread human rights violations, birding groups are planning a boycott. The decision has spurred controversy.

Endangered Species Deadline Looms for the Lesser Prairie-Chicken

— Federal wildlife officials have until May 26 to make a decision with high stakes for a vulnerable bird and the southern Great Plains.

Scientists Make a Sweet Discovery on a West African Cocoa Farm

— Molting Wood Warblers studied on farmland in Cameroon suggest cocoa operations can provide great bird habitat if nearby trees are left standing.

Meet Jali Makawa, Whose Expertise Proved Vital for Western Ornithologists

— Makawa's knowledge and outdoor skills made him indispensable to the white museum curators cataloging Africa’s birds in the 20th century.

Growing Demand for Vulture Heads Threatens the Birds’ Survival in Africa

— Across the continent, traditional healers are increasingly using the body parts of vultures, creating an illegal market that has experts alarmed.

Getting to Know Jerome Ford, the Government’s Top Bird Official

— The head of the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service's Migratory Bird Program talks with Audubon about changes in the birding world.

Taking Stock of Biden’s Early Environmental Justice Reforms

— The new administration is still getting started, but some of its early actions are fueling optimism for bigger, long-lasting changes.

Greater Sage-Grouse Populations Have Plunged by 80 Percent Since 1965

— Outlining steep losses and a gloomy future for the bird without action, a new government report aims to stem further declines with an advanced monitoring program.

Ducks Are Moving North as Winters Warm

— A new study confirms that some Southern waterfowl populations are dwindling as birds opt for northern locales that were previously too cold.

Seventy Never Looked So Good: The Long, Wondrous Life of Wisdom the Albatross

— The Laysan Albatross is the oldest known wild bird on the planet, an international icon, and still hatching eggs. This year she had her 39th chick.