How the World’s Largest Wildlife Overpass Could Brighten a Low-Flying Bird’s Future

— Wrentits don’t exactly soar, and a 10-lane highway has cut off populations from each other—a growing threat as the climate heats up.
Condors at the Northern California Condor Restoration Program in Redwood National Park in California. The morning of Tuesday, May 3, two condors were released into Yurok Ancestral Lands.

Absent for More Than a Century, California Condors Soar Above the Redwoods Again

— Following 14 years of preparation, the Yurok Tribe and partners have begun releasing the endangered birds back into northern California, rebuilding the condor’s range and revitalizing tribal traditions.
Red-winged Blackbird are early spring arrivals in Maine.

Flying North

— It's the time of year when migratory birds are on the move, heading north to their summer breeding grounds. Many are bound for the Boreal of Canada.

The Illegal Trade in These Love Charms Is a Growing Threat to Hummingbirds

— Believed to imbue romantic powers, ‘chuparosas’ are widely sold in Mexico and, now, the United States, writes forensic ornithologist Pepper Trail.

3,000 Dead Sooty Shearwater in Chile is Far from Normal

— Audubon Americas Chile joins 15 organizations in the urgent call to review current fisheries legislation.
Blackburnian Warbler on a branch.

From the Boreal Forest to the Tropical Forest

— Find out how the beautiful Blackburnian Warbler sparks one Audubon employee's passion for conservation.
Boreal Forest of Canada.

Breathing In, Breathing Out

— Our deep relationship with the trees of the Boreal Forest.

Oldest Known Roseate Spoonbill Identified Thanks to Lucky Photograph

— After closely examining images taken by photographer Mac Stone, experts were able to identify a spoonbill banded as a chick 18 years ago.
A lone wind turbine is seen in the expanse of blue ocean off the coast of Rhode Island at sunset.

Off the East Coast, a Massive Network of Wind Turbines Is Coming—Along With New Risks for Migrating Birds

— Species journeying over the Atlantic Ocean will soon have to navigate wind farms. But without clean energy, their futures are more imperiled.

Make Your Home More Bird-Friendly

— From your windows to what plants you grow, there are many ways to make your sanctuary a safe place for avian visitors.