Audubon Urges Advancement of a Proposed Rule to Strengthen Implementation of the Migratory Bird Treaty Act

By National Audubon Society
December 01, 2023 — Audubon expresses disappointment in the rulemaking delay and commits to working with the Biden Administration to provide a win-win for birds and businesses.

Honoring Native American Policymakers Committed to Conservation

By Felice Stadler
November 27, 2023 — As Native American Heritage Month comes to a close, we highlight the contributions of leaders who have made a difference for birds.
From Audubon Magazine

The Power, Limits, and Evolving Uses of the Endangered Species Act

By Paige Curtis
November 17, 2023 — Close to 1,700 animals and plants have been listed under the policy, each with its own rich, complex history. These nine case studies represent benchmark moments in the act's history.
Illustration of a prairie chicken walking on a farm with cows, a tractor, and an oil well in the background.
From Audubon Magazine

How to Fortify the Endangered Species Act for the Next 50 Years

By Rene Ebersole
November 17, 2023 — In the years ahead, flora, fauna, and the ecosystems they depend on will face many hazards, both old and new. These actions could strengthen the act’s ability to meet evolving challenges.
From Audubon Magazine

A Force of Conservation, the Endangered Species Act Faces a Fraught Future

By Rene Ebersole
November 17, 2023 — Fifty years after its passage, the powerful policy has proven effective at preventing wildlife from going extinct. Only with innovation and advocacy can it continue to do so for decades to come.
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Why Bird Advocates Want to Double Down on Conservation Across the Americas

By María Paula Rubiano A.
November 08, 2023 — A bipartisan U.S. bill would ramp up funding for the Neotropical Migratory Bird Conservation Act, an under-the-radar program with a long reach.
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A Proposed Reset for Public Lands Could Be a Big Boost to Conservation

By Andy McGlashen
October 02, 2023 — The agency responsible for one-tenth of the country’s terrain aims to make healthy habitat a more prominent priority.
Fire takes over a grassy forest floor, leaving black ash and smoke in the already burned area.

Meet the Fire Starters Restoring One of North America’s Greatest Forests

By Gabriel Popkin
October 02, 2023 — In the Southeast, the fates of longleaf pines and Red-cockaded Woodpeckers are inextricably tied. To save both, we must remember how to embrace fire.
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A Bold Bet to Ensure the Future of Desert Birds: Plant Thousands of Cacti

By Margo Rosenbaum
October 02, 2023 — Can saguaro cacti that take root today survive the next century of extreme wildfire and drought? Tucson Audubon aims to find out.
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Projects That Help Wildlife Navigate Highways Pick Up Speed

By Ben Goldfarb
September 29, 2023 — Simple solutions reduce road hazards to animals, and now more money is flowing to implement them.