Birds and Mini Golf Merge In Chicago's Douglass Park

— A golf course designed by teens raises awareness about Windy City bird life while creating a safe space for neighbors.

An Ode to Common Birds—and to Cherishing What We’ve Got

— The recent news about species extinctions underscores the importance of noticing and protecting everyday birds while they are still plentiful.

Wave of Hawaiian Bird Extinctions Stresses the Islands’ Conservation Crisis

— Eight Hawaiian forest bird species are now extinct, including six honeycreepers. Only 17 of 50-plus honeycreeper species remain.
A dog with brown, white, and gray fur and wearing a harness stands on a boulder and looks at the camera, its tongue lolling out. Behind it, several wind turbines rise from a desert landscape against an orange sky, with mountains in the distance.

These Dogs Are a Bird's Best Friend

— With their boundless enthusiasm and amazing powers of smell, canines are playing a growing role in global efforts to protect wildlife.

Amid a Drought Crisis, the Colorado River Delta Sprang to Life This Summer

— Thanks to a historic U.S.-Mexico binational agreement, water flowing this year is providing hope for the future of a key ecosystem.

An Artificial Island May Be the Lifeline Maryland's Common Terns Need

— Seabirds have been in worrying decline in the state's Coastal Bays region, but a makeshift nesting site shows promise to help them rebound.

Fighting Black Land Loss Helps Birds, Too

— Efforts to reform heirs' property laws are expanding access to conservation as a tool to build wealth for historically disadvantaged farmers.

Orange County Oil Spill of Extreme Concern to Migrating Seabirds

— “It is time to stop putting our coastal birds and communities at risk from the oil industry.”

Biden Administration Restores Migratory Bird Treaty Act Protections

— The Fish and Wildlife Service will again hold companies liable for incidental bird deaths, and will work with industry to prevent them.

Scientists Just Discovered a Seabird Hotspot. It's Already at Climate Risk.

— Winter cyclones, responsible for killing seabirds every year, are projected to intensify right where millions of birds overwinter in the North Atlantic.