Study Identifies Areas Most Likely to Sustain Biodiversity in a Changing Climate

— Study calls for areas to be prioritized in conservation efforts like the America the Beautiful Initiative.

The Clock Is Ticking on a Holiday Miracle for Wildlife—Will Congress Deliver?

— The Recovering America’s Wildlife Act represents a turning point after decades of dramatic underfunding for conservation programs, supporters say. Time to pass it is running out.

Trust Indigenous Land Stewards to Lead on Global Conservation

— Canada’s Indigenous-led conservation initiatives are model solutions for protecting biodiversity
The cupped edges and discoloration of leaves on an oak tree at an Arkansas farm are consistent with dicamba exposure.

The Weedkiller Dicamba Is Poisoning Wildlife Habitat. Will the EPA Finally Act?

— Blamed for destroying crops and fraying community ties, the widely used herbicide also poses a threat to the plants birds need, experts say.

At Last, a Real Possibility to Avoid Catastrophic Climate Change

— After decades of minimal action, Congress passed the largest and most comprehensive piece of climate legislation in U.S. history. Will we make the most of this opportunity?
Two blue Pinyon Jays sitting in a pine tree, one opening a pinecone with its beak.

The Intimate Relationship Between Pinyon Jays and Piñon Pines Is Unraveling

— Drought, beetle infestations, and warming temperatures have pushed both species into a snowballing decline. Scientists are working to revive them.

Aves y Biodiversidad – La Construcción de un Futuro Compartido para Todos

— La delegación de Audubon se unirá a los líderes mundiales en la conferencia mundial sobre biodiversidad COP15 en Montreal para abordar la disminución de la biodiversidad y promover soluciones equitativas a la doble crisis climática y de biodiversidad.

Birds and Biodiversity – Building a Shared Future for All

— Audubon delegation to join world leaders at global biodiversity conference COP15 in Montreal to address the decline in biodiversity and promote equitable solutions to the dual climate and biodiversity crises.

Top Audubon Successes of 2022

— Audubon took a huge leap forward this year protecting birds, people, and the places they need to live and thrive. Here, a look back at a selection of our achievements from the last 12 months.
A flock of ducks flying in the same direction with an out of focus landscape in the background.

A Duck Hunter’s Tips for Quickly Identifying Waterfowl on the Wing

— Take limits require rapid ID of fast-flying birds—a useful skill for any birder. One waterfowler breaks down how she does it.