Seas & Shores

President Biden Uses His First 100 Days to Protect the Ocean

— New policies like offshore energy reform and climate-ready fisheries will protect birds and people from climate change.

Our Blueprint for a Healthy, More Resilient Puget Sound

— Audubon’s new conservation strategy identifies the most important places for birds and people in Puget Sound.

New Science Reveals the Big Impact Stewardship Has on Coastal Birds

— Birds like terns and plovers that are vulnerable to human disturbance need active stewardship to thrive.

Audubon Applauds New Protections for a New England Fish That Seabirds Rely On

— NOAA approved a new policy to protect Atlantic herring.

Creating a More Just Climate Future for Those on the Front Lines

— The Ocean-Based Climate Solutions Act accounts for the unjust burden that climate change poses to communities of color.

New Legislation Aims to Protect Tiny Fish Vital to Seabirds

— Audubon supports the Forage Fish Conservation Act.

Atlantic Fishery Commission Misses the Mark on Menhaden

— A new decision by an Atlantic Coast fishing regulator may put coastal birds like Ospreys at risk of not having enough to eat.

Creating Safe Havens for Seabirds

— The Ocean-Based Climate Solutions Act will help seabirds and coastal communities persevere in the face of climate change.

New Study Finds Humboldt Bay is Among the Most Important Places in the Entire Hemisphere for Migratory Shorebirds

— Its intertidal mudflats crowded with migratory shorebirds each year, this California bay is threatened by the aquaculture industry.

Modernizing the Ocean Energy Economy

— The Ocean-Based Climate Solutions Act will address the climate crisis by reducing our carbon footprint in the ocean.