Seas & Shores

Audubon California's Sarah Rose Joins State and Environmental Leaders to Call for End to Offshore Oil Drilling

— Briefing organized by Asm. Cottie Petrie-Norris (D-Huntington Beach)

Drilling off California's Coast Risks Puts Birds, Communities and Regional Economies at Risk

— It's time to put an end to offshore drilling
Common Murre. Mick Thompson

Biden Administration Opens California Coast to New Offshore Wind Turbine Siting

— “Properly sited wind power that avoid undue impacts to wildlife is an important ingredient in cutting carbon emissions and averting worst-case climate scenarios.”
Reddish Egret. Marjie Goldberg/Audubon Photography Awards

President Biden Uses His First 100 Days to Protect the Ocean

— New policies like offshore energy reform and climate-ready fisheries will protect birds and people from climate change.
A flock of Dunlin in Washington's Skagit Valley. Sheila Pera

Our Blueprint for a Healthy, More Resilient Puget Sound

— Audubon’s new conservation strategy identifies the most important places for birds and people in Puget Sound.
Piping Plover. Matthew Filosa/Audubon Photography Awards

New Science Reveals the Big Impact Stewardship Has on Coastal Birds

— Birds like terns and plovers that are vulnerable to human disturbance need active stewardship to thrive.
Atlantic Puffin with Herring. Shawn Casey/Audubon Seabird Institute

Audubon Applauds New Protections for a New England Fish That Seabirds Rely On

— NOAA approved a new policy to protect Atlantic herring.
Sand dunes and wetlands protect the North Carolina communities behind them from storm surge and sea-level rise. Walker Golder

Creating a More Just Climate Future for Those on the Front Lines

— The Ocean-Based Climate Solutions Act accounts for the unjust burden that climate change poses to communities of color.
Atlantic Puffin. Walker Golder/Audubon

New Legislation Aims to Protect Tiny Fish Vital to Seabirds

— Audubon supports the Forage Fish Conservation Act.
Osprey with Menhaden. Caroline Samson/Audubon Photography Awards

Atlantic Fishery Commission Misses the Mark on Menhaden

— A new decision by an Atlantic Coast fishing regulator may put coastal birds like Ospreys at risk of not having enough to eat.