Summer Tanager. Becky Matsubara/Flickr (CC BY 2.0)

Planting along the Colorado River with the Cocopah Indian Tribe and Yuma Audubon

— Collaborative Restoration in the time of COVID-19
Golden-winged Warbler. Arni Stinnissen/Audubon Photography Awards

Bipartisan Delaware River Watershed Caucus Signals a Beacon of Opportunity

— The recently formed caucus shows substantial federal and state support of one of the founding rivers of America for birds and communities.
Snowy Egret. Walker Golder

Audubon’s Water Policy Agenda Focuses on Results

— Here's what we're doing to ensure clean and reliable water for birds and people.
Ruddy Duck. Claudio Contreras Koob

Delaware River Basin Commission Vote Shows Commitment to Clean, Reliable Water

— Audubon commends the regional agency for taking important steps to protect and manage water resources for birds and communities.
American Dipper. Evan Barrientos/Audubon Rockies

Western Water Network Grants: Chapter Highlights

— Field update from 2020 grants

Advancing Arizona’s Groundwater Management to Protect Our Water Supply

— Several bills before the legislature would protect people and birds.
Ridgway's Rail. Rick Lewis/Audubon Photography Awards

Western Water Legislation Advances Conservation, Resilience, and Equity

— Newly passed western water package will support 21st century infrastructure, water supply security, and ecological resilience.
Wilson's Phalarope. Max Malmquist

I’m Especially Grateful for Birding this Year

— And yes, birding on Great Salt Lake is magical.
Osprey with young. Glenn Ostle/Audubon Photography Awards

Audubon Prepares Advocates for Upcoming Arizona Legislative Season

— Bilingual webinar presents tips and tools to advocate for conservation priorities.
Common Gallinule. Lynn Cleveland/Audubon Photography Awards

Which Great Lakes Wetlands Do Birds Need Most? Audubon Scientists Find Out

— The research on identifying critical Great Lakes coastal wetlands will help put conservation efforts where they’re most needed.