Saline Lakes and Great Salt Lake in the News

Saline Lakes and Great Salt Lake in the News

— Your guide to the latest news from Audubon's Saline Lakes program

Threats to Migratory Bird Treaty Act

The Migratory Bird Treaty Act is America’s cornerstone bird conservation law.

Greater Sage-Grouse’s Unknown Future

The current federal plan for Greater Sage-Grouse conservation was finalized in 2015, following years of successful, cooperative and bipartisan effo

The State of the Birds 2017: Farm Bill Special Report

Last week, the North American Bird Conservation Initiative (NABCI) released its State of the Birds 2017 report, documenting the many benefits of th

Rolling Back Protections for Streams and Wetlands

On June 27, 2017, the Environmental Protection Agency proposed a repeal of the 2015 Clean Water Rule (also known as Waters of the United States).

Washington Passes Solar Energy Bill

After several years’ negotiation in the Washington state legislature, Republicans and Democrats recently came together to update the state&rs

Ocean and Coastal Habitat at Risk from Proposed New Offshore Drilling

The Department of the Interior has announced the first steps to redo the nation’s offshore drilling plan, which could open up new and sensiti

Shrinking Bears Ears Would Be Shortsighted and a Mistake

Shrinking Bears Ears Would Be Shortsighted and a Mistake

— With the review process for 27 of our national monuments officially closed, a letter from Audubon's president and CEO.
Let These Birds Grow Up

Let These Birds Grow Up

— What will these chicks born in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge become if given the chance?

New Review Puts Sage-Grouse Conservation Plans at Risk

Yesterday, Secretary of the Interior Ryan Zinke issued a Secretarial Order initiating a 60-day review of the Greater Sage-Grouse conservation plans