A lone wind turbine is seen in the expanse of blue ocean off the coast of Rhode Island at sunset.

Off the East Coast, a Massive Network of Wind Turbines Is Coming—Along With New Risks for Migrating Birds

— Species journeying over the Atlantic Ocean will soon have to navigate wind farms. But without clean energy, their futures are more imperiled.

A Matter of Timing: Can Birds Keep Up With Earlier and Earlier Springs?

— The seasons are changing as the planet warms. Some migratory species may break under the strain—but others could surprise us.

Audubon Events Marking Earth Day 2022

While conservation and stewardship of the environment are top of mind every day across the Audubon network, Earth Day on April 22 is a special day

UN Report Offers Solutions to Reducing Emissions and Confronting Climate Change

— While previous reports detailed the extent of the impact of climate change, today’s report prescribes strategies to alleviate threats to both people and wildlife.

The Planet Is Undergoing an Ecological Transformation, Imperiling Biodiversity Everywhere

— In a decade, 9 percent of all species worldwide could be at risk of total extinction, according to a new UN report on climate change

Many Birds Are Shrinking and Growing Longer Wings as the World Warms. Why?

— A growing body of research suggests a warming world could mean smaller birds with longer wings, but nothing about the findings is settled.

National Audubon Society Names a New Vice President of Climate

— Sarah Rose, executive director of Audubon California, will assume the senior role on March 1.

New Indiana Poll Reveals Strong Bipartisan Support for Renewable Energy

— Net metering policies proves to be very popular among Indiana voters.

Climate Change or Habitat Loss? New Study Weighs Which Influences Birds More

— Ninety years of Christmas Bird Count data tease apart the effects of habitat loss and warming temperatures on winter bird distributions.
Dead, leafless trees stand tall within a salt marsh on Maryland's coast.

Ghost Forests Could Provide Respite for Marsh Birds as Coastal Habitat Disappears

— Scientists want to ensure that swaths of trees killed by saltwater flooding are more than dead forest, but become quality marsh habitat for birds.