Climate Change or Habitat Loss? New Study Weighs Which Influences Birds More

— Ninety years of Christmas Bird Count data tease apart the effects of habitat loss and warming temperatures on winter bird distributions.
Dead, leafless trees stand tall within a salt marsh on Maryland's coast.

Ghost Forests Could Provide Respite for Marsh Birds as Coastal Habitat Disappears

— Scientists want to ensure that swaths of trees killed by saltwater flooding are more than dead forest, but become quality marsh habitat for birds.

It Takes a Helicopter Parent to Rescue a Rare Seabird from Extinction

— Raising the world’s entire population of Bermuda Petrels, or Cahows, requires undivided attention—and a relentless drive to see them succeed.

Warmer Oceans Raise the ‘Divorce’ Rate Among Typically Loyal Albatross Pairs

— A new study of Black-browed Albatrosses provides a reminder that climate change can affect birds in unexpected ways.

What Just Happened in Glasgow at the U.N. Climate Summit?

— Now there's slim hope we'll limit global temperature rise to 1.5 degrees Celsius, a long-held target to prevent catastrophe for people and birds.

National Audubon Society Sues California County to Improve Bird Protections in Controversial Wind Energy Project

— “Altamont Pass has been a black eye on the entire wind industry since its construction.”

LevelTen Energy, The Nature Conservancy, and The National Audubon Society Advocate for a Sustainable and Equitable Energy Transition with Launch of New Impact Principles

— New jointly-written white paper provides principles and framework for buying and developing renewable energy projects with positive impacts on local communities, conservation efforts, and the climate.

Another Reason to Stop Global Warming: Save Millions from Air Pollution

— A new study underscores the scale of disease and death industrialized societies have accepted in exchange for fossil fuel energy.

Democrats’ Big Spending Bill Would Kick Oil Companies Out of the Arctic Refuge

— Ending a mandate to develop the refuge is a small but critical piece of what would be the country’s biggest-ever investments in climate protections.
Great Blue Heron.

Landmark Legislation Sets a Framework for a Cleaner Future for People and Birds

— While some priorities remain to be addressed, the infrastructure and reconciliation bills together represent the nation’s largest investment in addressing the causes and impacts of climate change.