Liz Bergstrom

Climate Content Manager

Liz Bergstrom is a writer and nature girl based in New York.

Articles by Liz Bergstrom

How One Neighborhood Saved Millions of Gallons of Water With Native Plants
May 09, 2017 — By installing water-saving appliances and less thirsty native plants, this Colorado community saved 15 million gallons of water in just one year.
From Goats to Grandparents: How One Audubon Chapter Is Making a More Bird-Friendly Community
March 07, 2017 — Whether it's renting goats to clear out invasive plants or making a new assisted-living facility greener, Huntington-Oyster Bay Audubon is making a difference.
To Turn a Schoolyard Into an Outdoor Classroom, Just Add Native Plants
February 21, 2017 — With the help of Audubon Minnesota and some controlled fires, a local school recently restored an overgrown field into original prairie habitat.
Testimonials: How These Bird Lovers Went Solar at Home
January 09, 2017 — Intimidated by solar power? Don't be. Meet real people who installed solar panels on their roof for a peek inside the process.
The Future of Ohio’s Renewable Energy Depends on John Kasich’s Veto
December 21, 2016 — Bird lovers and a bipartisan group of allies are hoping the governor will end the state’s freeze on clean energy standards.
Washington State Could Pass the First Carbon Tax in the Nation
October 03, 2016 — Audubon Washington is backing an upcoming ballot measure to fight climate change and protect birds.
Revitalizing Vacant City Lots to Feed People—and Birds
September 26, 2016 — In Buffalo, New York, gardeners are growing crops and native plants to bring food and wildlife to communities in need.
Here’s Your First Look at Audubon’s New Birds and Climate Project
June 22, 2016 — Climate Watch is getting volunteers across the country to admire bluebirds (for science).
Barn Owls See a Housing Boom in Walla Walla, Washington
June 10, 2016 — Birders, inmates, winemakers, and farmers are installing nest boxes to boost bird-powered rodent control.
Update: Measure AA Passes In California
June 02, 2016 — San Francisco area residents have approved a ballot measure to restore wetlands, offering habitat for birds and a buffer from sea-level rise.