Audubon in Action

Top Audubon Successes of 2022

— Audubon took a huge leap forward this year protecting birds, people, and the places they need to live and thrive. Here, a look back at a selection of our achievements from the last 12 months.
An Osprey sitting in the Boat House nest while a boat is out on the water in the background.

For the First Time, Osprey Chicks Have Successfully Fledged from Hog Island’s Boathouse Nest

— Hog Island’s annual service week leads to a nesting win for on-cam fish hawks Dory and Skiff.

Audubon On Campus: Class of 2022 On Life, Birds, and the Future

— We asked Audubon campus chapter leaders what they've been up to, and what they're planning to do next.

Students in North Carolina Tackle Light Pollution with Cube Satellites

— How six students from UNC Asheville are creating a tool to help support Lights Out initiatives in North Carolina and beyond.

Audubon Spotlight: Kay Garlick-Ott Wants Everyone to Love Ecology

— How one ecologist found inspiration while working with seabirds off the coast of Maine.

When Creeping On Cuckoos Leads to a Potential Career

— Sonoran Audubon collaborated with campus chapter Sun Devil Audubon members to count cuckoos and gain valuable field survey experience.

How Just a Few Acres of Ideal Habitat Helped Protect Henslow’s Sparrows

— Quick action and a partnership with a local winery allowed the Central Kentucky Audubon Society to protect a local population of Henslow’s Sparrows—and led to a discovery that could help the species in other places.

How to Bring Lights Out to a City Near You

— Audubon chapters across the U.S. have been instrumental in convincing cities to turn their lights out for migrating birds.

Audubon Spotlight: Claire Del Sorbo Wants to Know Why You Love Birds

— In the case of Del Sorbo, Audubon's social media fellow, their interest in birds started with a death.

Audubon Spotlight: Gabriella Sotelo Finds the Missing Pieces

— A chance encounter with a sea creature far from home led Sotelo to focus her journalism career on conservation and environmental justice.