Audubon in Action

Audubon Spotlight: Tania Romero Sees Death and Rebirth in the Shapes of Birds

— For the Debs Park program coordinator, birds are an important element of her identity and a connection to her ancestors.

Top Wins for Birds and People in 2021

— This year was uniquely challenging, but Audubon and its supporters achieved some incredible victories to support both birds and people.

Meet the 2021 Recipients of the Charles H. Callison Award and the Tamar Chotzen Educator of the Year Award

— Meet three people who have helped protect the places that birds need, today and tomorrow.

Audubon Spotlight: Gloria Lentijo Wants You to Visit Colombia

— From bird-friendly coffee to birding trails across the country, Lentijo spent years focused on the cultural importance of land stewardship.

Audubon Spotlight: Erika Knight Charted Her Path One Precise Step at a Time

— How the GIS expert and data analyst turned a passion for maps and the outdoors into a career in conservation.

Chicago's Rose the Piping Plover Hits the Beach in Florida Just in Time for World Shorebird Day

— Staff with Audubon Great Lakes and Audubon Florida work collectively year-round to keep the plovers safe no matter where they are.

Nesting Common Terns Get a New Island Home in Buffalo

— The newly constructed island is a part of a larger suite of bird and fish habitat restoration projects in the Niagara River and environs.

Getting the Low-Down on Advocacy from Sally Puent

— It’s all about practice, and knowing what your goals are.

Audubon Spotlight: Connie Sanchez Is at the Nexus of Everything

— The Bird-Friendly Buildings program manager and Audubon Mid-Atlantic’s communications coordinator reflects on her conservation journey.
Vero Couttee, right, working as a project officer with the Seychelles Islands Foundation, bands a Black Parrot with colleague Terence Mahoune on the island of Praslin, Seychelles  in 2017. Courtesy of Vero Couttee

Audubon Spotlight: Vero Couttee Uses Maps to Break the Cycle of Injustice

— As Couttee approaches the end of her year-long Dangermond GIS fellowship, she plans to continue empowering local communities everywhere.