Audubon in Action

Audubon Spotlight: Connie Sanchez Is at the Nexus of Everything

— The Bird-Friendly Buildings program manager and Audubon Mid-Atlantic’s communications coordinator reflects on her conservation journey.
Vero Couttee, right, working as a project officer with the Seychelles Islands Foundation, bands a Black Parrot with colleague Terence Mahoune on the island of Praslin, Seychelles  in 2017. Courtesy of Vero Couttee

Audubon Spotlight: Vero Couttee Uses Maps to Break the Cycle of Injustice

— As Couttee approaches the end of her year-long Dangermond GIS fellowship, she plans to continue empowering local communities everywhere.
Peregrine Falcon in front of Philadelphia's city hall. George Armistead

It’s Time for Lights Out in Philadelphia

— Audubon and coalition partners seek to make the City of Brotherly Love bird-friendly.
Servando Moreno, left, and Julia Roedel install a water gauge at Indian Ridge Marsh in Chicago. Teri Valenzuela/Audubon Great Lakes

Audubon Spotlight: Servando Moreno Is Changing the Conservation Landscape

— The stewardship program associate reflects on his relationship with nature and embracing his new mentorship role.
American Black Duck with young. JWiliszowski/iStock

How the Boreal Forest Can Help Protect Birds from Climate Change

— Nature-based climate solutions can deliver one third of the emission reductions needed to meet the Paris Climate Agreement.

Top Wins for Birds and People in 2020: Making the Outdoors for Everyone

— Audubon committed to becoming an anti-racist organization and partnered with community-led groups to make conservation and the outdoors accessible and equitable for everyone.
A volunteer group from Audubon Florida arrives at the Florida Capitol building for Everglades Action Day in February 2020, prior to the pandemic, in Tallahassee, FL. Dominic Arenas/Audubon

Top Wins for Birds in 2020: Policy

— We worked with local, state, and federal government to create lasting positive change.
Saltmarsh Sparrow. Frank Lehman/Audubon Photography Awards

Top Wins for Birds 2020: State Efforts to Address Climate Change

— Audubon worked at the state and municipal level to enact policies that help us build a sustainable energy future.
Sandhill Cranes on the Platte River in Nebraska. Mike Fernandez/Audubon

Top Wins for Birds in 2020: Conservation

— Our conservation work throughout the hemisphere protected birds and the places they need.

Top Wins for Birds in 2020: Local Wins and Accomplishments

— Audubon is local everywhere. Our chapter network and state offices were critical to protecting and restoring the places that birds need to thrive.