Audubon Joins America the Beautiful Freshwater Challenge

New partnership will boost conservation and restoration for rivers, lakes, streams, and wetlands.
Lesser Yellowlegs. Photo: John Troth/Audubon Photography Awards

Today, Audubon joined the White House, states, Tribes, municipalities, and other NGOs to support freshwater restoration in communities across the country. Birds and people need clean water and Audubon is committed to the partnership goals of reconnecting 8 million acres of wetlands and 100,000 miles of rivers and streams. 

Birds are telling us we need to do more to protect habitat throughout the hemisphere. Audubon’s Flight Plan sets conservation milestones to improve and expand habitat while tackling the impacts and causes of climate change. The America the Beautiful Freshwater Challenge goals align with Audubon’s science-based Flight Plan milestones.  

“This new partnership leverages a variety of tools and resources to support local goals and projects for restoring and protecting our freshwater resources,” said Julie Hill-Gabriel, Vice President for Water Conservation. “Healthy freshwater ecosystems are critical for people and birds throughout the hemisphere and Audubon is committed to protecting these areas as critical habitat for birds but also as solutions to address the threats of climate change—like drought, flooding, and severe storm impacts.” 

Audubon looks forward to working with all of our partners to continue finding solutions that protect these valuable resources.