Julie Hill-Gabriel

Vice President, Water Conservation & Interim Vice President, Coastal Conservation

Julie Hill-Gabriel coordinates National Audubon’s water strategy, which is a key conservation element of Audubon’s strategic plan that also includes focus on climate change, coastal conservation, working lands and bird friendly communities. Julie coordinates a team of science and policy staff across the U.S., focusing on water issues and restoration in the Everglades, Great Lakes, Delaware River, Upper Mississippi River and the Colorado River. Prior to this role, Julie served as Audubon Florida’s Deputy Director and Policy Director, where she coordinated science, advocacy and education around Everglades restoration, including the importance of Everglades restoration as an adaptation measure to sea level rise and climate change.

Julie earned her J.D. cum laude from the University of Miami School of Law in 2006, where she was President of the Environmental Law Society, Editor in Chief of Psychology, Public Policy and Law, and a member of the Society of Bar and Gavel. Julie earned her Bachelor of Arts magna cum laude in political science and psychology from the University of Connecticut. Before joining Audubon in 2007, Julie practiced commercial litigation in Miami.

Articles by Julie Hill-Gabriel

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