Birds in the News

BuzzFeed Asked a Bunch of Bird Questions—and We Answered

— “I like birds as much as the next guy.” So do we, BuzzFeed. So do we.

Hold Onto Your Bins: Another Blizzard of Snowy Owls Could Be Coming

— Will this winter bring an irruption of the Arctic raptors to the continental U.S.? A few clues from up north have Project SNOWstorm predicting yes.
This Corn Crake on Cedar Beach, Long Island, attracted over a hundred birders seeking a peek at the rare species. Steve Walter

Birders Drop Everything to Behold Rare Corn Crake That Turned Up in New York

— For two days, scopes lined a Long Island parkway as birders delighted in the European visitor, which traveled even farther than its audience.

John Oliver Hits the Roseate Spoonbill Where It Hurts

— This Sunday on his show, the comedian said the spoonbill looks like a flamingo that got its "stupid bird face stuck into a panini press." Ouch. Learn about the bizarre but beautiful bird here.

The Story of Harvey, a Cooper’s Hawk Rescued in Houston During the Hurricane

— After seeking shelter in a taxicab, the bird was eventually taken in by a Houston wildlife rehab center preparing for an influx of injured animals.

Honeyeaters Steal Fur from Sleeping Koalas for Their Nests

— Even more surprising: the snoozing marsupials don't seem to mind.

How Much Should Major Polluters Pay? A DuPont Settlement Provides a Model

— A biologist traced mercury from a company spill to contamination in songbirds, and devised a new way to hold polluters financially accountable.

After Dozens of Duck Deaths, the Lincoln Memorial Reflecting Pool Gets Drained

— The National Park Service began emptying the parasite-ridden pool for a thorough cleaning on Sunday.

Proposed Budget Cuts Signal First Attack on Current Sage-Grouse Protection Plan

— Sweeping land-use plans kept the Greater Sage-Grouse off the endangered species list. What happens if the Trump administration rolls them back?

Meet Old Man Plover, the Pride of the Great Lakes

— He’s had a long life and dozens of chicks. But most importantly, he’s a symbol of prosperity for a rebounding species and region.