Do You Know Where The Birds Go?

Take this quiz to test your migratory knowledge.

Fall migration is underway. Warblers, thrushes, shorebirds—pretty much all the birds we take for granted during the summer months—are headed south for the winter. For centuries, their destinations were a mystery. Modern science has decoded where many birds migrate, but researchers are still actively tracking birds to find their wintering grounds.  

Test your knowledge of where seven species end up during winter below. (And, yes, many will end up in multiple countries. The correct answer for each bird in this quiz is where Audubon scientists or Audubon conservation partners in those countries have found significant overwintering populations.)

1) The Wood Thrush migrates to:

A) Argentina
B) Ecuador
C) Chile
D) Belize

2) The Atlantic population of Piping Plover migrates to:

A) Uruguay
B) Bahamas
C) Panama
D) Honduras

3) Sprague’s Pipit migrates to:

A) Bahamas
B) Trinidad
C) Mexico
D) Chile

4) Western Sandpiper migrates to:

A) Panama
B) Argentina
C) Chile
D) Uruguay

5) The Bobolink winters in:

A) Bahamas
B) Paraguay
C) Mexico
D) Belize

6) The Hudsonian Godwit winters in:

A) Chile
B) Bahamas
C) Belize
D) Colombia

7) The Prothonotary Warbler migrates to:

A) Belize
B) Panama
C) Colombia
D) all of the above

Bonus question: Audubon South Carolina attached a geolocator to a single Prothonotary Warbler and sent it on its way, knowing that the chances of recovering the bird were very low. What did they name that warbler?

A) Hail Mary
B) Hope&aPrayer
C) Long Shot
D) Bruce




1) D  2) B  3) C  4) A  5) B  6) A  7)Bonus) C