Martha Harbison

Communication Director, Community Building

Articles by Martha Harbison

Building Anew Along the Shores of San Diego County
February 21, 2024 — Local chapters, universities, Indigenous groups, and Audubon California collaborate to revitalize a shoreline that has long been left to the depredations of industrial action.
Welcome to the Island Where Egrets Rule
January 17, 2024 — A century ago, Audubon Texas made a commitment to protecting birds along the Texas coast. They started here.
A tawny female North Cardinal faces the camera, head cocked, while taking a bath, its red wings extended upward as droplets of water surround the bird and fill the frame. The water below reflects the bird’s body and the droplets.
Our Favorite Female Bird Shots From the 2023 Audubon Photography Awards
July 18, 2023 — Marvel at the beauty and ingenuity of 14 birds that often get overlooked.
Love and Water in Arizona
April 20, 2023 — Enthusiasts of all stripes engage with lawmakers on the importance of water security.
Silver can of beer that has illustrations of multiple species of owl on it sits on a wooden bar.
Audubon Southwest and Arizona Wilderness Brewing Team Up to Celebrate a Most Superb Owl
February 10, 2023 — Keep reading to find out which owl Arizona birds and beer fans voted to be Superb Owl's mascot.
Melanie Smith and a black dog sit on a rock looking out over a lush green forest and distant, snow-capped mountains.
Audubon Spotlight: Melanie Smith Finds Inspiration in the Powerful Force of Nature
September 15, 2022 — An early trip to Alaska set the course of her life, but these days Smith has set her sights on migratory birds across the hemisphere.
 Monty the Piping Plover in April 2022.
A Farewell to 'Small but Mighty' Monty, the Plover Dad of Montrose Beach
May 19, 2022 — Even though he's gone, Monty's success shows the lasting effects of advocacy and conservation in the Great Lakes region.
Is That a Swallow or a Swift?
September 25, 2018 — Telling the two apart can be tough, but some clues lie in how they fly and where they sleep.
New Study Shows Conservation Laws Must Be Enforced to Maintain Biodiversity
December 21, 2017 — A survey of wetland birds around the globe found that merely creating environmental regulations or protected areas is not enough.
Update to U.S.-Mexico Water Treaty Is a Huge Win for Conservation
October 10, 2017 — Audubon and its partners played a key role in the negotiations for Minute 323, which sets aside 200,000 acre-feet of water for environmental purposes.