Five Ways You Can Help Birds in a Changing Climate

The birds we love need our help now. Here’s what you can do.

Climate change threatens more than 300 species of birds in North America, according to the findings of Audubon's Birds and Climate Change Report. But you can help these birds have a brighter future. Below are five ideas to get started today at home and in your community.

Get Talking

When it comes to climate change, studies show that people’s opinions on the topic are shaped most by what they hear from their peers. So start conversations (in person or online) with friends and family about the birds you love, and about how climate change threatens their survival. If you're not sure how to start these conversations, check out this handy graphic for ideas.

Show Your Community That Birds Matter

Ask your local leaders what they are doing to protect wildlife in the face of climate change. Share stories about your favorite climate-threatened birds with your community groups, or consider leading a field trip to a local Important Bird Area (IBA) or park to connect people to species that need our help. Reach more people by writing a letter to your local newspaper, speaking at a community event, or visiting a nearby school and sharing why birds are important to you.

Grow a Bird-Friendly Garden

Create a safe haven for birds in your yard or container garden by growing native plants, using fewer pesticides, and adding a bird bath. Native plants provide important food and shelter for birds and help them adapt to a changing climate. You can make school grounds, parks, vacant lots, and other community areas bird-friendly, too. Consider a DIY birdbath or turning breakfast into a bird feeder.

Stand for Solutions

To fight climate change, we need policies and technology that cut carbon pollution and increase renewable energy. Common-sense measures such as energy efficiency, renewable energy standards, and putting a price on carbon pollution can all help reduce emissions and limit the effects of global warming on birds. Talk to your elected leaders about these options, and learn more here about how to go solar and why it's good for birds. To take action online on climate and other important issues that affect birds, join our Audubon Action Network.

Give a Little, Take a Little

And if none of this strikes your fancy, you can help us fight climate change on your behalf and pour yourself a climate-themed cocktail. Don’t let the drink—or the birds—go extinct.