Hitnes’ Next Murals Inspired by (Wooden) Ducks

While traveling across the south, Hitnes learns the wonders of duck decoys.

Italian street artist Hitnes continues his travels across the United States, retracing John James Audubon's steps (read about the inspiration for the project here).

At the Pine Island Sanctuary in Corolla, NC, Hitnes spent time with local duck hunters learning about their duck decoy traditions.  The mural he painted was inspired by the duck decoys he learned about, as well as a Marsh Wren spotted while touring the marshes of the property.

You can follow Hitnes live on Instagram and see more images at theimagehunter.org.


Learn about duck decoys here:

The Image Hunter / Voodoo Duck from magicmindcorporation on Vimeo.


See some recent photos of the trip and the murals: