Hitnes Paints First Murals at Pickering Creek Audubon Sanctuary

Soon after landing in the U.S., the street artist travels toward John James Audubon's first home.

Italian street artist Hitnes is traveling the United States, tracing the steps of John James Audubon and painting murals along the way (read about why he's making the journey here). 

Hitnes' voyage began in Philadelphia, making his way to Mill Grove, Audubon's first home in the U.S., and southward to Pickering Creek Audubon Sanctuary in Easton, Maryland. At Pickering Creek, he painted his first two murals—a Green Heron and a Red-winged Blackbird.

Already, people are attracted to the murals—Pickering Creek Development Manager Susanna Scallion says she's already seen someone photographing them. Just yesterday she had a long conversation with a new visitor about Hitnes' project, John James Audubon's work, and the Center's amenities, she says. 

You can follow Hitnes live on Instagram (@the.imagehunter) and see more images at theimagehunter.org.

Watch the first moments of the journey:

The Image Hunter / The voyage begins from magicmindcorporation on Vimeo.

See the first murals:

This Red-winged Blackbird was painted on Pickering Creek's Hog Barn, a building right at the entrance of brackish and freshwater marsh (78 acres of which were restored to wetland bird habitat from agricultural fields). The building sits next to a popular trailhead, and is "one of the first things people see when they arrive," says Scaillion.