Ready-made Catios Ensure the Purr-fect Fit for Any Owner

The wide range of structures available for purchase means everyone can find one that’s the cat’s meow.
A black and white cat sits in a clear box sticking out of a window in a brick building.
Window catio by PlantWindowEscapes. Photo: Courtesy of PlantWindowEscapes

If every owner in the country prevented their cats from roaming free, scientists estimate that hundreds of millions of birds would be saved annually. And yet many people want to give their beloved pets time outside. A catio (“cat patio”) provides a safe way to do just that. From off-the-shelf to customizable options, these enclosures fit an array of budgets and spaces. 

Portable Palace

Catnets’ metal frames covered by stainless-steel reinforced UV-treated netting can stand up to claws and the elements. They’re a snap to assemble and disassemble, and ideal for renters, owners who aren’t ready to commit to a permanent structure, or those who prefer to have a catio seasonally. The company also sells a cat-proof fence system that attaches to an existing structure  as well as netting for enclosing a porch or balcony. $330 and up, 

Permanent Vacation

For pet parents looking for a long-lasting structure, a catio kit might be the ticket. Multiple companies sell packages that contain everything needed to construct a charming, sturdy enclosure made of wood and durable wire mesh, in a variety of sizes and with an array of platforms and other features. The Aivituvin-AIR52 Outdoor Cat Run offers plentiful options for lounging and hiding—and room for owners, too. $460, 

Pop-up Pen

Turn any open space into a catio in minutes with a foldable setup. These small, portable tent-like structures come in a variety of configurations. This Outback Jack Kitty Compound Cat Playpen Tent & Tunnel provides felines with more than 30 square feet of safe space to roam. $85,

Window Seat

No yard? No problem. Cats love heights, and a window catio offers an elevated view of the world. Multiple manufacturers make enclosures that slot between the sash and sill, like a window AC unit, and are easy to install and remove. Shown here: Custom Fit Catio For Your Window, $179,

Customizable Casa

CDE Animal Cage’s mix-and-match panels allow you to get just the right combo for your current situation with the flexibility to modify and expand as your needs change. These durable structures, constructed from PVC frames and galvanized steel wire, are built to last a lifetime. $740 and up, 

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