Spring Into Action

Migration reminds us of what we’re all collectively working to build: a world where birds thrive.
Two bluebirds perch next to each other, one holding a bug and the other a bunch of grassy material in their beaks.
Eastern Bluebirds carry food and nesting material. Photo: Mark Boyd/Audubon Photography Awards

As I sit by my window, admiring the beauty of two Eastern Bluebirds flitting through the trees, I am delighted to share this edition of Audubon magazine with you. It coincides with the return of our feathered companions from their winter retreats across the Americas. One thing I look forward to every spring is the air filling with the sweet melodies of birdsong as birds look for a mate and settle down to breed for another season.

I’ve dedicated my life’s work to the study and protection of birds. It has granted me a deep appreciation for the connection they have forged with the natural world through their annual migration. Birds rely on Earth’s seasonal patterns to spark their movements across the continents. As those patterns shift at an accelerated rate, birds are signaling to us that the planet needs our help. We understand with certainty that safeguarding birds and their habitats holds the key to significant and lasting positive benefits for people and our world.

In these challenging times for our planet, Audubon has redoubled its commitment to our mission. As a scientist, I believe we must continually ask questions to ensure we are making a meaningful impact. Where should we focus our efforts? How will we know that our work is making a difference? 

Your unwavering support has empowered Audubon to lead the charge in cutting-edge, peer-reviewed science that guides us to priority places where protection and restoration will yield the most profound impact. From the southern reaches of Chile to the Arctic Circle in Alaska and Canada, these priorities encompass diverse habitats, including forests, grasslands, wetlands, and urban areas, forming an interconnected ecosystem that sustains economic, ecological, cultural, and public health benefits. As we track the trajectory of birds in response to our conservation efforts across the hemisphere, we will know that our collective efforts are creating a future where birds thrive. 

This ensures that future generations will continue to revel in the same joy, melodies, and wonder that we have come to love and cherish. Together, let us remain dedicated to preserving the timeless gift of birdsong for many seasons to come. 

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