Watch: Short Film ‘Canuck & I’ Explores the Bond Between A Crow and His Human

In the new documentary, viewers get an intimate peek into the life and adventures of the internet-famous Canadian crow.

It's been a big few months for Canuck, Vancouver's beloved resident crow. In addition to getting a summer job at a local fair, the mischievous corvid recently became a full-fledged movie star thanks to the new documentary Canuck & I, which was released July 19.

The 20-minute film focuses on Canuck's close relationship with Shawn Bergman. The two became fast friends after Bergman's landlord, whose son found Canuck as a baby and raised him, released the bird back into the wild. At the release, Canuck hopped on Bergman's arm, and the pair have pretty much been inseparable ever since. When the they aren't together, Canuck has become famous for his shenanigans, which the film also covers by highlighting various news coverage over the years, including a brief mention of Audubon's own detailed account of Canuck's rise to social-media fame.

To make the documentary, a small team of filmmakers followed the dynamic pair over the course of five months, capturing their ordinary, yet remarkable, daily rituals and routines. The team also conducted various outside interviews that are used throughout the film to lend perspective to this special relationship. All this time and effort paid off. Whether you're already a fan of Canuck or this will be your first time meeting him, the film is definitely worth a watch. 

Canuck & I is available on YouTube, Facebook, and Telus Optik TV on demand. But you could also just watch it above. 



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