Rashmi Shivni

Rashmi Shivni is a science journalist based in Chicago and is currently an editorial intern at Audubon.

Articles by Rashmi Shivni

What Can Birds Tell Us About Air Pollution?
September 01, 2017 — Birds are among the first to know when it gets harder to breathe. But there's little research on how they're affected and how many die.
The Story of Harvey, a Cooper’s Hawk Rescued in Houston During the Hurricane
August 31, 2017 — After seeking shelter in a taxicab, the bird was eventually taken in by a Houston wildlife rehab center preparing for an influx of injured animals.
The Common Raven Boom in the Rugged West Isn't Necessarily a Good Thing
August 25, 2017 — The raven population has ballooned over past decades, upsetting ecosystems and endangering wildlife. To check the ravenous birds, conservationists are cleaning up trash and shooting lasers.
Audubon Photography Awards Winner Donates Grand Prize Money to Help Birds
August 15, 2017 — The amateur photographer gave her winnings to Skywatch Bird Rescue and Conservation, where she is an active volunteer.
Good Grammar Is a Matter of Life or Death for Japanese Tits
August 09, 2017 — These chatty birds string their sentences together in a specific order to rally friends and fend off foes.
‘Ravens,’ One of the 20th Century's Best Photography Books, Is Back on Shelves
August 02, 2017 — Masahisa Fukase’s seminal series on loss and solitude, channeled through corvids, is an avant-garde work of self-reflection.
50 Years Later, America’s Breeding Bird Survey Keeps Delivering New Insights
July 27, 2017 — To celebrate the count’s 50th anniversary, a set of newly published papers show how valuable the project's volunteer-driven dataset is to conservation.
Watch: Short Film ‘Canuck & I’ Explores the Bond Between A Crow and His Human
July 25, 2017 — In the new documentary, viewers get an intimate peek into the life and adventures of the internet-famous Canadian crow.
Like Humans and Apes, Ravens Have the Foresight to Save Up for the Future
July 13, 2017 — A new study proves what birders have long known: Ravens are really, really smart.
Don't Forget: Our National Monuments Are at Risk
July 07, 2017 — There are only a few days left to voice your support for the 27 monuments currently under review.