Alice Sun

Reporter, Audubon Magazine

Alice Sun is a science writer, visual storyteller, and birder based in Brooklyn. See more of her work at

Articles by Alice Sun

A flock of pigeons eating seeds on a sidewalk.
Cities Are Testing Birth Control to Solve Pigeon Problems
April 16, 2024 — Booming populations of these familiar urban birds are causing complaints. Can contraception help?
A Bald Eagle sits in a nest on the ground looking at the camera.
Why Do Birds Incubate Rocks?
March 14, 2024 — From stones to bones and other random objects, birds have been found to incubate seemingly anything that looks like an egg. But maybe that’s also the point?
Close-up portrait of a hawk with bright, all-white feathers with its mouth open and tongue sticking out.
This White Red-tailed Hawk Isn't Just Gorgeous—It's Also a Rare Scientific Opportunity
March 12, 2024 — The stunning raptor was recently trapped in Oklahoma by an awestruck group of researchers, who affixed the bird with a GPS transmitter for further study.
A woman stands outside looking up at the trees overhead holding binoculars and a phone.
How Do Birds Respond to Extreme Wildfire Haze? Project Phoenix Aims to Find Out 
November 15, 2023 — Harnessing the power of community science can help birds as smoke pollution from blazes becomes more extreme.
Merlin Is Magical, but It Still Makes Mistakes
August 23, 2023 — As the popularity of the app’s Sound ID feature grows, so do concerns about how imperfect artificial intelligence impacts a trove of scientific data.
A woodpecker stuck to a glue trap with several bugs. Its wings are splayed out stuck to the paper with many feathers ripped out.
Meant to Catch Spotted Lanternflies, Glue Traps Are a Horrifying Hazard for Birds
March 29, 2023 — Wildlife rehabilitators, unable to save many victims, are urging the public to choose bird-safe methods of managing the invasive insects.