Ashley Braun

Reporter, Audubon Magazine

Articles by Ashley Braun

A floating grid abuts a building atop a vast plane of water. Fish are grown inside nets being held aloft in this grid.
Conservationists Urge Caution as the Federal Government Promotes Fish Farming
March 22, 2024 — Aquaculture comes in many forms and can be done sustainably, but a push for more offshore operations raises concerns, environmentalists say.
Standing in a meadow of yellow goldenrod, Lang Elliott listens for bird calls with a headset on.
A New App Brings Birdsong Back to People With High-Frequency Hearing Loss
December 13, 2022 — Hear Birds Again, an iPhone app, is only the latest in Lang Elliott’s long line of inventions to solve a challenge that affects more birders as they age.
Two dead barred owls lay in the back of a pick-up truck.
It’s the Moment of Truth for the Northern Spotted Owl
September 20, 2022 — Preventing the Pacific Northwest icon’s extinction calls for aggressive intervention, including killing another owl species. Will we act fast enough?
A woman holds an iPad up to a boy in a wheelchair on a path in a forest and two other people look at another iPad in the background. The iPad shows an image of a Douglas Fir tree.
How Wifi Binoculars Could Help Make Birding and Nature More Accessible
September 01, 2022 — On a recent outing with Seattle’s Seward Park Audubon Center, a small group put the technology to the test, with promising but mixed results.
With Protections Restored for Alaska's Tongass, What's Next?
August 09, 2021 — The Biden administration's plans for the old-growth forest and the region's economy have tribal leaders cautiously optimistic.