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A close-up image shows a Yellow Warbler’s feather in great detail: yellow barbs photographed against a black background, with a brownish shaft running through the center of the feather.
The Bird Genoscape Project Aims to Unlock the Secrets in Birds’ Feathers
April 14, 2022 — Recent breakthroughs have allowed researchers from across the Western Hemisphere to begin building a DNA library filled with insights about where birds migrate and their resilience to mounting pressures.
The Inside Story of Shell’s Arctic Assault
December 08, 2015 — A months-long investigation shows how the energy giant pressured the Interior Department during the company's gung-ho Arctic push—and got most of what it wanted (except oil).
Why the Passenger Pigeon Went Extinct
April 17, 2014 — And whether it can, and should, be brought back to life a century after it disappeared.
Project Passenger Pigeon
February 02, 2014 — On the 100th anniversary of one of history’s most numerous birds becoming extinct, conservationists hope to help prevent other common species at risk from following the same path. 
Journey to Turkey
September 04, 2013 — Situated in one of the world’s most important migratory bird flyways, some of Turkey’s wildest places face threats from massive construction projects. Trying to provide a better way, one visionary biologist aims to put his country on the bird
What Do Birds Do for Us?
April 08, 2013 — Some might not realize the tangible value of birds, but it would be foolish to underestimate how tough life would be without them.
Facing the Future
September 09, 2011 — While environmental groups often work toward preserving biodiversity in ecosystems, many are now grappling with trying to figure out how to diversify their own ranks.
Work Plan
September 08, 2011 — Maytag’s departure left a small Iowa town’s economy reeling. Today, however, workers are building wind machines instead of washing machines, and validating studies about the enormous potential of green-collar jobs.
Crude Awakening
August 26, 2011 — Right here in North America could lie the answer to our energy needs. But at what cost? Mining the tar sands of Alberta threatens to strip the world’s largest intact forest of its ability to hold carbon and to wipe out the breeding