Brendan Borrell

Contributor, Audubon Magazine

Articles by Brendan Borrell

California Has a Peacock Problem

July 08, 2022 — Feral peafowl have turned neighbor against neighbor in Los Angeles, where they claw up gardens, peck at car fenders, and belt out their songs at all hours. Is a more harmonious coexistence possible?

The Parrot King

July 29, 2020 — Over the past 14 years, Martin Guth has built a monopoly on some of the world's rarest birds. Will his secretive organization ultimately help the parrots—or push to them closer to extinction?

John Young Rediscovered the Australian Night Parrot, but Did He Lie About His Later Findings?

April 04, 2019 — Much of Young's research on the nocturnal bird has been retracted over scientific shenanigans including allegations of a botched call recording, a planted feather, and bogus nests and eggs.

A Naturalist With a Checkered Past Rediscovered a Long-lost Parrot . . . Then Things Got Interesting

September 24, 2018 — When John Young, Australia’s “Wild Detective,” proved that the Night Parrot hadn’t gone extinct, both man and bird got a shot at a comeback.