Bryony Angell

Bryony Angell writes and birds from western Washington State. Birding culture is her beat; read more of her work at

Articles by Bryony Angell

It's Past Time for Bird-Friendly Wine
November 27, 2019 — A labeling program could help scientists and grape growers make vineyards better for wildlife, but for now it's sitting on the shelf.
Four Reasons to Check Out the Birds While You Run
November 21, 2018 — From city pavement to country fields, run-birding is picking up speed. We asked the pros why they do it and how to do it best.
Big-City Birding Is Hotter Than Ever
October 04, 2018 — The Urban Birder gives us the scoop on the budding movement and all the unlikely places you should be looking for birds in.
How to Go From Watching Birds to Drawing Them
July 26, 2017 — Sketching while outdoors or even at home will broaden your birding skill set and add a whole new dimension to the hobby.