Jason Bittel

Contributor, Audubon Magazine

Articles by Jason Bittel

H. Jon Benjamin’s 'Morning Bird Reports' Have Brought Joy to Many in Dark Times
April 14, 2021 — One of America’s most recognizable voice-actors shares how the pandemic got him back into birds, why he started posting videos to Twitter, and about that one time he went fisticuffs with gulls.
New Zealand Once Had Giant Penguins and Parrots, but Why?
September 03, 2019 — Two new fossil discoveries hint at the complex evolution undertaken by the island's ancient—and often huge—birds.
Did Scientists Just Settle a 200-Year-Old Debate About Cassowaries?
April 02, 2019 — A new study shows that the cassowary’s helmet plays a role in regulating body temperature. But that might not be all it does.
Think Crow Funerals Are Strange? Wait Until You See the Wake
July 23, 2018 — New research shows that American Crows will occasionally interact with the dead—including engaging in necrophilia.
Pittsburgh’s Famous Bald Eagles Lost Their Nest Tree, But They Aren't Giving Up
February 23, 2017 — Within days of losing their nest, the eagles built a new one and possibly even laid another egg, which would be an unprecedented achievement.
The Bald Eagle Nest Cam That Hatched a Global Community
November 29, 2016 — A pair of the raptors nesting in Pennsylvania have transformed hundreds of strangers into a tightknit group.