Jeff Hull

Jeff Hull, a freelance writer in Huson, Montana, is the author of Streams of Consciousness, a collection of outdoor essays.

Articles by Jeff Hull

Three Generations of Citizen Science: The Pioneer

December 16, 2014 — Fifty years after launching the breeding bird survey, 70 years after starting a career in bird conservation, and nearly 100 years after his birth, Chan Robbins is still watching closely.

Life Under the Snow

December 13, 2012 — The winter landscape can appear essentially barren of wildlife, but a surprising array of life thrives above, within, and beneath blankets of snow.

A Walk on Yellowstone's Wild Side

December 12, 2012 — Wolves battle for territory. Coyotes endure love triangles. Wolverine fathers show their kits the ropes. Few places offer more intimate wildlife viewing than Yellowstone in winter.

Rebounding Grizzlies Still Face, and Pose, Risks

March 29, 2012 — Yellowstone’s rebounding grizzly bear population is an undeniable success. But figuring out how to manage the threatened omnivores—in light of potential food shortages and deadly human-grizzly interactions—isn’t so easy.

On the Edge

December 19, 2011 — Wolverines, long admired for their ferocity and canniness, are so elusive that few people have even seen one. Now biologists are racing to find them before trappers do.